Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Dot Bomb Five Days Out, Gutted.

Herr Schmitz convicted, evicted, itinerant and all round bastard, with apparent unlimited access to dosh but with limited options for countries available for shelter, organises a political maneuver  to evade legal moves to extradite his considerable sorry arse to the US, having inexplicably gained admission here and subsequent residency.

Wanting a compliant  Justice Minister to decline to sign off such an extradition, he created a political party from remnants of The Alliance,  gets that now titled Internet entity to marry in convenience, Mana, the personal political vehicle of the racist ex Maori Party electorate member to exploit the coat tail provisions with the added twist of a pre-nup to facilitate divorce six weeks post election.

Early in the campaign Schmitz announces an event in the Auckland Town Hall, for September 15th, five days out from polling day where he will 'destroy'  John Key.

When the day of destiny nears, titivation levels rise with name dropping of Snowdon, Assange and finally Greenwald.
Who, many ask.

Snowden former US defense analyst who removed truckloads of secret records via his work opportunities, wanted in The US  to answer charges of treason and shelters in Russia under the protection of Vladimir Putin.

Assange, teenage hacker and later a main man in Wiki leaks who when wanted for questioning in two rape cases in Sweden takes refuge in an Embassy in London.

Greenwald, labeled a Pulitzer Prize winner and regarded by some as a pre-emminent journalist. Now it is claimed he did not "win" a Pulitzer, his employer won with material Greenwald contributed to. The Guardian CEO's PA was as  involved, as was the freakin janitor.

The moment arrives, the event planned, hosted and presumably funded by the spiritual head of IMP, (nb they are not including those costs in their election expenses) is MC'd by the Internet party leader and co leader of IMP on Stage with Schmitz, Greenwald and I guess to make up numbers one Robert Amsterdam the lead counsel for Schmitz with video link to the two with  travel complications.

The result,   a big fat zero apart from rambling discussions around allegations that Lil Ole NZ indulges in surveillance of many in moves to thwart serious damage to our nation, the unsuspected allegation foreigners conduct spying while under diplomatic cover and a possible adjunct to Waihopi in the upper North Island.
Who with any concept of how the world works would ever have thunk  that.
Notwithstanding such surveillance does not have brown cardigan clad bespectacled minions reading such communications, merely scanning the huge volume for trigger words, form, and coincidental phrases with seriously large computers.

Whinny climbs aboard next day with the fact 'He' knows where the secret northern installation is but when reminded he is still bound by an oath of secrecy declines to take it further after reiterating, of course as a previous "acting PM" he would know!

The mysterious "smoking gun" and now widely  discredited "Warner Bros email" never emerged at the "Moment of Truth", apparently it was just too much for Greenwald and Amsterdam.

So what has the long awaited day of destiny delivered.

Really only additions to the ever growing list of the silent majority who daily discover Herr Schmitz is someone who should be on an aircraft, destination, the US federal Court in Virginia and yesterday was a good day for it to have happened.

Farrar has a ten point schedule in support of the fraud  the Warner Bros email indicates.
Slater fisks Greenwald.
The Inspector General of Intelligence and Security makes an extraordinary statement countering the witterings from the dismal bunch on stage at The Moment of Truth.
Cunliffe, Melons, Peters et al, needing Oxygen in the last week of campaigning, are denied.
Te Ururoa Flavell contemplates the option of torpedoing Hadfield to allow Davis to prevail in TTT.
Internet Mana continues its plunge down the dunny.
#team Key continues to float above  the dross to what could be a possible if very unlikely majority of seats under MMP with no need of coalition partners.


Anonymous said...

You missed the bit about Kim's backup plan in case the left doesn't win. intimidate the next justice minister by taking out the current one, or was that just part of operation karma. See his tweet...

Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) tweeted at 12:33pm - 30 Aug 14:

Operation Karma:
◻ John Key
✖ Judith Collins
◻ Chris Finlayson


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Paulus said...

Understand the Fat Criminal's Lawyers do not want to see or touch the US fake email as they would then have to say they knew and would be legally obliged to produce it in Court in an extradition case as evidence of character. It is a fake and this would not go well with the Judge.

Alan H said...

Just heard a rumbling that tonight's tv3 poll will be bad for National.

Anonymous said...

While I agree with the general tenor of your argument, it is simply silly to say that "the Guardian CEO's PA was as involved, as was the freakin janitor" in winning the Pulitzer. If Greenwald was part of the team of journos who put together the articles that won the prize, then it is quibbling with semantics to deny that he is a Pulitzer prize winner. Leave that sort of non sequitur to Slater.

gravedodger said...

Feel free 'anon cant work out an ID' but Greenwald admitted today he did not "win" a Pulitzer but that was the first occasion anyone from the Schmitz terrorist cell softened on the clear elaboration tactic.

Ashley said...

What "The Fat Slug" cannot see for some reason, is that IF the email was genuine, and IF Key was party to it, "The Fat Slug" wouldn't be here now to talk about it - he would already be in USA!