Monday, September 22, 2014

That's Good Whiney, in fact very good!!!

Last night on State TV Infotainment I caught a whiff of wisdom from the venal little scroat who has again emerged from his cave to become a part of the debating chamber decor.

"We are the only opposition party with experience" ROTFLMTO

Well lets do a bit of scrutiny for interest only of course.

1 Rt Hon Winston Peters
2 Tracey Martin
3 Richard Prosser
4 Fletcher Tabuteau
5 Barbara Stewart
6 Clayton Mitchell
7 Denis O’Rourke
8 Pita Paraone
9 Ron Mark
10 Darroch Ball

Whiney, well experience in spades but when judged on results, much turmoil, unproductive effort and failure to complete any work under the warrants handed to him. A record of experience involving obfuscation and avoidance of revealing facts around funding. Further experience around high candidate turnover in all the WF  lists since the beginning of MMP.
Having brought around three dozen to the legislature since the heady days when he had 14 mps in 1996 the expulsions and departures are more notable than the retentions.
Only the godfather himself and returning from the Carterton Wilderness, Ron Mark have survived.

Experience!!! of the last bunch from 2011: The entertainer Nasty Lolly Taylor was lowered to a place on the list that Resurrection was beyond the good lord hisself and Andrew "widddler" Williams also demoted to where he tossed his toys and he now has a legal challenge in the courts.
Richard Prosser from Wogistan, Dennis Corner Section with two letter boxes O'Rourke with the now darkened hair, Pita Paarone from the annals of history, a couple of forgettable sheilas for balance and three newbies does not experience make.
More like chaotic monday morning assembly line vehicles and we all know how they turn out.

However a dysfunctional media with a penchant for confusing entertainment for news will continue to bring the Oxygen bottle to the decrepit old hasbeen as it is guaranteed copy that will satisfy an equally dysfunctional management as the media continues its freefall to irrelevance.

We no longer have "That Was The Week That Was" but that effort was right up there Whiney.
Where was Johnnie Walker on that latest list, hope he has not fallen from favour as well, now that is experience lost, just ask Jim Bolger.

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