Tuesday, September 2, 2014

That is serious generalisation Mr Hosking!

Through a mix of selectivity and pigheadedness I listen to Newstalk zb as my main source of what is happening and then add in a mix of information streamed over the internet.

Each morning Hosking does an editorial that are very succinct and topical and hard to argue with by and large.

This mornings effort was rather discombobulated and rather shallow.
In a rather rambling commentary he attempted to place "blogger" in a box labeled with various defining titles and it was only when he admitted he did not read 'blogs' he started to portray a  cohesive intent.

Making no attempt to categorise blogs as to content, targets, and authors he proceeded to demonise all blogs on his rather sketchy understanding, based on the conniptions around Slater's number  one NZ blog by a proverbial country mile,  Whaleoil,  that has been the entire basis for the old media and their concerted efforts to promote Herr Schmitz's clear and present aim to get John Key and his Government following the hacking associated with the DDOS attack launched last February.

The only Blogs I have any knowledge of, that compare with Whaleoil in any way are; the now sad shadow of its former self "Red Alert", "The Standard", The recent amalgam of "The Daily Blog", and the previous number one, "Kiwiblog". The first three are all run by Committees of Public Safety with succinct political aims and the latter that is predicated on a serious longstanding connection to the Nats from its author David Farrer.

Yes Mr Hosking the rest of us narcissists and wannabees have motives, but rather than making shit up, most attempt to just place opinion and emphasis on the news, much like the old letters to the editor, that after editing and constrained by editorial process allowed such points of view to gain exposure.
Sadly today editorial oversight has morphed into  a free for all with so called journalists going past reporting the news into a territory where they are involved in making the news and worse, selecting what news will be published.

IMHO Mr Hosking, nearly all the bloggers I read and associate with are doing exactly what you do every weekday morning and possibly, should you take the time to peruse our humble efforts you might just concede that salient point.
More importantly we, make that most of us, allow immediate and very public opportunities to have our opinions contested and often attacked which is a lot healthier than your daily sermon that once delivered is left in situ.

Mr Hosking your daily editorial is just another "Blog" albeit vocal and never challenged.


The Veteran said...

Good post GD. IMHO NM never set out to match the 'lofty heights' of WO, KB or TS. Rather it was a vehicle for the ramblings of an eclectic bunch of contributors for whom I have the greatest respect especially PM who comes from a 'Left' perspective (whatever that means).

Not sure we ever expected the powers that be to be influenced by what we write nor do we expect to change the world with our missives.

At the end of the day I would value having a cold one with each and every one of you.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Quite so, Vet.

Except for TS it is lofty depths.

The Veteran said...

AF .... errrrrrrrrrrrr, TS = The Standard.

Paulus said...

Agreed - good article - usual media hypocrisy

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Yes I know. Was not clear.

I should have typed "Except that for TS it is lofty depths."

Anonymous said...

Hosking's little sermon does eventually get posted on the ZB web site, usually late in the afternoon, and comments are permitted. My impression is that the majority are overwhelmingly hostile to Hosking's view.