Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sorry Errol You Need To Raise Your Profile!

Errol Reginald Standeven was convicted of taking Photos in a public space, Hagley Park  and a couple of amateur Judge John Jeffries convicted him and fined him $600.

In the wake of Hager publishing stolen data in a fruitless, as it turned out, attempt to influence a general election and make some dosh on the side, nothing from the constabulary.

Errol was taking pics "of females tits and bums" not publishing them, not trying to change society, just because it was a hobby!

Now I guess as it was two pretend members of the judiciary quaintly called Justices of the Peace I wonder what rights of appeal Errol might have, as on the published facts it seems a bit like shooting Admiral Byng to Moi.
Sort of over the top if you will.


Chris said...

I agree GD. what is wrong with taking anonymous photos of that which is pleasing to the eye?

Edward the Confessor said...

My God, you're really creepy aren't you? Most of the time you're like some sort of demented and ranting but harmless transient, but every now and again you actually show yourself to be seriously troubled.

gravedodger said...

My first reaction Confuser was to just let your articulate and deeply considered comment stand on its merits but there were none apparent.

Question, should you actually wish to address the post rather than take a shot at the messenger from behind your wall of anonymity.

Do you for one moment think the fine would have been the same had Errol had a doctorate in say, The Alliance Party and claimed he was profiling voters who just happened to have notable physical attributes.

Creepy? your stalking behavior here and elsewhere shows far more deviant behavior traits than you accuse me of.

Oh and should you be able to respond to my question above to you, then extrapolate the personna of the convicted one to an orphaned only child of PI immigrants who converted to Islam and had been long term benificiaries.

Justice my arse, I am betting Errol is caucasian, christian or atheist/agnostic, presents poorly as a witness and is a far greater victim than those he photographed, most if not all of whom were unaware of his efforts.

Edward the Confessor said...

Yeah, we should all be able to roam around secretly taking photos of women's nether regions. It's PC GONE MAD to suggest that that's upsetting and deviant behaviour.

"Oh and should you be able to respond to my question above to you, then extrapolate the personna of the convicted one to an orphaned only child of PI immigrants who converted to Islam and had been long term benificiaries (sic)."

See, that's more like the normal GD - completely incoherent, angry and harmless.

gravedodger said...

That folks is the same old fuckwit Confuser, just rants at his keboard then hits a random key and sometimes, alas, it ends up here.
Normally gets deleted but I am leaving it up for entertainment reasons after all it is Saturday and the demented confused soul will be back in care on Sunday night.

Psycho Milt said...

Well, yeah, it's annoying that "being creepy" seems to have become an actual offence. I guess the cops and JPs are thinking that it's best they officially give Mr Standeven the "don't be a creep" message before someone at the park decides to do it in a more physical way, but really it's not best at all.

That said, what's this bullshit about Hager supposed to be in aid of? Hager hasn't been arrested because he didn't steal the data and he had such an obvious 'public interest' defence that even the cops can see it. Which means your analogy is ridiculous in two ways:
1. Standeven took the damn photos.
2. He has no 'public interest' defence.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Of one thing there can never be any doubt. The ETC troll IS seriously troubled.

Anonymous said...

The one issue I had was the mention by one of the witnesses that he was taking photos of 12 year old girls.

If this was the case, I have no problem with the conviction as if he is deviant then its better to sanction him now rather than wait for him to commit more serious offenses.

As for the adult women he was taking photos of I guess if they don't wan't their bodies to be noticed they would cover up with more modest clothing before going out into public.