Wednesday, September 10, 2014

So good they should be Wall Street traders

Another industry that the Greens want to fund by taking money off taxpayers.
 The Greens would give game developers up to $9 million to create and commercialise their products if it became part of the next government, co-leader Russel Norman said today.
If the Greens are so good at investing “our” money, why aren’t they all working on Wall Street? Hell, Russell Norman seems to know so much about investing money for return, he could become the top trader at Merrill Lynch and then come back and enter politics and become Prime Minister.

And I thought the Greens were concerned about child obesity? Why are they keen on “investing” your money in Playstation games that will lead to more kids sitting on their butts doing nothing?

I've lost count of the number of industries that the Green think are "winners".  Maybe they all, but I can tell you all one thing: The economy will be the loser if a green government picks winners left, right and centre.

I knew the Greens were space cadets, now it's Green space invaders.

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