Monday, September 8, 2014

Problem with that is???

Recent political spin from xxxx commie usurper of the environmental lobby group is trumpeting the "saving" of the waterways of his adopted nation.

He is going to force the fencing of waterways and to highlight the matter he went to the very edge of a small stream and toyed with a freshwater Koura and was it a cockabully?

When you have implemented such stupid policy and discovered the as yet unannounced ramifications, such a photo opportunity will be but an historical incident no longer practicable.

You see Commie Cobber, when blackberry, gorse, broome, ragwort, thistles, briar and other invasive weeds take over the established riparian strip, the stream/creek/river will be beyond access let alone be visually available.
Yes keeping concentrated densities of cattle from such places is environmentally desirable denying goats and sheep from vegetation control actions and removing the weed control will be a disaster for access and will have unforeseen repercussions in changing the environments the fencing is deemed to protect.

Take my Tangata Whenua, for instance, thousands of acres of rugged foothill country supporting stock levels around 3/5 SU to the Ha, grazing in low densities and relying on many Kms of very small steeply running creeks some only seepages for stock water, fencing is practically, financially and farmingwise plain unadulterated bollocks.
However  abandoning the entire area, and that is the only other option,  to weeds and vermin will only be an environmental disaster already evident across much of the land exchanged for freehold title under the Tenure review process.

So much of the land assigned to DOC is now being considered for re stocking and reoccupation so as to enable someone to care about it again as DOC have neither the money, the manpower or the resources.

So Commie Cobber and interventionist, your pathetic attempt to garner support for your great cause is just more total bollocks.
The more sensitive and highly productive land along waterways is progressively and practically being protected by voluntary effort backed by systems such as Fonterra have instituted, a stick policy where they will decline to collect product from those refusing to institute change.

National's repurchase policy to protect such streams might be marginally better but allowing a custodian to operate within principles invoked by awareness and education has far and away a better chance of making change for the good.

Garbage such as the uninformed populist crap xxxx was portraying will do precious little .

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Chris Bird said...

There is already in place a policy that all dairy farmers were to have had their waterways fenced by December last year if the wanted to supply Fonterra. So in the majority of cases, the job has been done, down to ditches that only run water during wet spells.
This has cost farmers many thousands of dollars from which they see no return. the greens need to do their homework before announcing something that is already in place as an INDUSTRY policy, not politics.