Sunday, September 14, 2014

One pre- election post

I was sitting at my kitchen table this morning looking out the window...

and I saw....

Freedom and opportunity

And I thought to myself..

Shit, we are truly lucky.

We have those two things in spades in this country.

They are our most cherished possessions and to be selfishly guarded, as they have been handed to us with great cost.

Because there are plenty out there whom, for whatever reason, would strip these from us tomorrow, if given even an eighth of a chance.

The human race is exactly that. A race run over generations

People that want to deny us the opportunity to even participate freely, are the ones we should do our very best to avoid. They want to steal our freedoms and with them our opportunities.

That is the true greed of this world. To take what is ours for themselves.

We need a government whose mandate protects us from these forces.
These threats are real, insidious and highly dangerous.

What we don't need is a government that seeks to protect us from ourselves.

And therein lies the fundamental problem of the left.

They negligently ignore the true threats to us because they are so busy attempting to manipulate us to their failed ideology, to their way of thinking, to force our agreement that they know best...

The tell tales signs are written all over their faces - irony, selective judgement, hypocritical thinking,
ignoring reality, demanding fairness, plastering labels on anything that moves, manipulating words....

There is a new word for people will do anything to "win" at any cost..


We thought foolishly there was only one
but they come in all shapes and sizes

Remember this when you vote

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Anonymous said...

Who was it that said every generation must fight for its freedoms.

Mrs Danvers