Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One absolute surety on election night

I know one thing absolutely with the election.  And that is this: If somehow, someway, Labour can cobble together a five-headed monster after Saturday, David Cunliffe will have no mandate to be Prime Minister.  His support is only one in ten voters.  Not even Labour voters want him to lead the country.

That's appalling.  MMP is a crappy system, and one I have never voted for, but if it delivers that result on Saturday, we really will have a PM who has no mandate to lead.


Psycho Milt said...

Nick, NZers' don't get to vote for Prime Minister, the MPs making up the government do. That's always been the case. The only thing MMP has changed is that it makes it more likely there'll be multiple parties in government - speaking of which, a prospective government involving National, ACT, United Future, the Maori Party and NZ First (or possibly the Conservative Party) would itself be a five-headed monster.

pdm said...

Milt - of course NZers' don't get to vote for the Prime Minister. The Labour way is that the Unions annoint and appoint despite two thirds of his caucus opposing their nominee.

This election shows all that is wrong with MMP - an unlikeable party with less than 25% of the popular vote may lead a Government with an even more unlikeable leader attracting about 12% personal support can lead a Government.

God defeend New Zealand from that happening.

Psycho Milt said...

MMP governments have exactly the same mandate as FPP governments had - they command a majority in the House of Representatives. The main difference under MMP is a guarantee that at least 50% of the voters chose that government - which is, to mind, a significant improvement over FPP.

Re Labour having a different leadership election process from National, yes they have - Labour, unlike National, gives the membership a look in.

Anonymous said...

The thought of Clueless Cunliffe, on our TV screens for the next three years, telling us peasants how it's going to be, in that sneering, patronizing tone, makes my blood run cold.

Mrs Danvers

pdm said...

Mine too mrsd.

Milt - don't you mean the Unions pick the leader because they don't trust the Labour Caucus to do so!!

Noel said...

I have been predicting the lowest turn out in history for some time.
If so and the percentage of eligible voters is highest with the non voters than any of the parties what then of mandate?