Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mr c cant do maths.

Since the last leaders debate during the leadup to the election Mr c was adamant he would become the PM with a three party coalition with possible c & s  from IM and the MP.

Both Moderator Hosking and Key were pointing out the clear and present reality  the bleeding obvious that around 54 seats does not have a snowballs chance in hell.

Mr c shouted that the others were wrong wrong wrong, well Labour 31 GP on 12 and winston first on 11 is almost exactly what you refused to believe, 54, you would have even needed the head of security to get an even close.

If you cant do basic maths then perhaps a job driving a taxi will do it as they have machines to do the sums.

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Angry Tory said...

Majority National Government. That's how much NZ likes Cuntliffe. Labour needs to face the fact that Cam & the Whale Army carried this election for Key. If Cuntliffe had tried to steal it, the Whale Army would have taken it to the streets.

Look at the party vote in every electorate - under FPP National would have won the lot.

Now, perhaps, we can have some actual National party policies and actual Right Wing government?

Smashing the teacher unions, chartering all the schools, and real time limits for benefits - not a cent more after three years - all seems like a good place to start to me!