Monday, September 22, 2014

More Lies From Hagar

Adolf is reliably informed he features (just once) in Hagar's infamous tissue of lies, "Dirty Politics."

Apparently some years ago I attended a 'meeting' at the Wildfire restaurant in downtown Auckland at which were gathered all the villians of the Right.   It was organised by Cameron Slater.

Included in Hagar's list of attendees were Nick Kearney and Cathy Odgers.  I can attest to the fact they were not there.  I can also advise dear readers this so-called 'meeting' in fact was a social luncheon at which roughly a dozen or so people sat at a long table.  There was no chairman, no agenda, no business discussed.  It was an enjoyable affair during which I met one or two people for the first time and had pleasant conversations with the person to my right,  the person to my left and the person opposite.

That's it.  A pleasant end enjoyable event but not by any stretch a 'meeting.'  Thanks Cameron.

If we had consumed sardine sandwiches,  Hagar would have alleged we guzzled caviar all day.


The Veteran said...

Sorry Adolf ... age must be catching up with you.

Nick and Cathy must have been there because Hagar said they were and Hagar doesn't tell lies ... and the Pope officiated at Ian Paisley's funeral too.

Exclamation Mark said...

I'd suggest the pasty white vego was was mostly affronted by the menu Wildfire offers.

I've eaten there once and it was one of the most meat-tastic dinners I have ever had, they just kept bring out dish after dish of the tastiest, juiciest cuts, I was like that fat guy from the famous Monty Python sketch by the time I waddled out of there.

I highly recommend it to meat lovers everywhere.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And of course, if the fool thinks an inactive National Party member who blogs under the name Adolf is some part of a deep dark devious network out to subvert New Zealand, then he truly is a fantasist.

Did he write David Cunliffe's CV?

Nick K said...

Yep, I wasn't there. Apparently Inventory2 was present, yet I've never met him.

Barnsley Bill said...

Inventory was not there, and was not mentioned in the book as being there.