Sunday, September 28, 2014


Regular readers of my blog will know that I am proud to count Judith Collins as a close friend.    What she achieved for the Vietnam veteran community will never be forgotten by the Vietnam veteran family.

Collins is an effective politician that those on the 'Left' love to hate.   Understandable and that is why those who inhabit the dark side of politics wet themselves when she took a hit for the 'Team Key' and resigned as a Minister against the background of stolen e-mails and supposed comments made by her regarding sometime SFO head Adam Feeley.

Certainly Cameron Slater did Collins no favors in referring to conversations he may or may not have had with her.    Ministers can and do talk off the record; always have and will continue to do.  But I know for a fact from the many dealings I had with her office just how circumspect she was in treating matters for which she had ministerial responsibility.   Further, it is a matter of  record that Slater has acknowledged how he 'embellished' the private conversations he had with the Minister in writing those e-mails and in promoting his own agendas.  

And now the truth is starting to emerge.    It transpires that Collins had no input into the State Services Commission investigation into Feeley.   You can read the report here   Somewhat strange for someone who (according to Slater) was supposedly 'gunning' for Feeley and about as strange as Collins giving him high marks in his annual performance report.

I look forward to Judith's exoneration and return to Cabinet.   New Zealand needs her with the added advantage that it will really 'piss' the Left off.  


Jamie said...

Don't make her out the patron saint of the veterans just yet ok buddy.
I don't like the DENY...DELAY...DEFEND tactics.

Mururoa Veterans and their families are still fighting.
The government has the nerve to deny the fact their cancers are caused by the atomic testing.
They are dropping like flies.

They have a protest coming up in Wellington, dates TBC.

Perhaps your friend will be marching too???

Anonymous said...

The Facebook entry that Judith resigned over was a rather bad forgery, therefore, It's only right that she should be reinstated.
Dirty politic's shouldn't be seen to be effective for the instigators, it only encourages them.

B Whitehead

Edward the Confessor said...

No, she resigned when Key got an excuse to sack her without reference to her disgusting behaviour exposed by Hager. Either Slater is a liar (which you are suggesting) or Collins was out to get Feeley. Perhaps both.

Anyway she showed herself unfit to hold office when she gave Pleasants' name to Slater. Not to mention Oravida, Bradford and her general viciousness. You're right though, she should be brought back ASAP as a demonstration of the Nats' arrogance and hubris.

pdm said...

There is the gaping vacancy left in the Health Portfolio by the resignation of the outstanding Tony Ryall. I think reinstatement of Judith Collins as Minister of Health would be an excellent appointment.

The Veteran said...

EtC ... another 'classy' post NOT.

Clearly your contribution to the debate is not to let the evidence get in the way of a good old fashioned burning at the stake. Somewhat akin to military justice of yesteryear when the mantra was 'march the guilty bastard in'.

Look, I can understand your anger being a three time sore loser and all of that. Get over it although I suspect and looking at your Party indulging in ritual 'seppuku' that you had better get used to it.

The Veteran said...

Jamie ... don't know where you are getting your info from.

Veterans exposed to nuclear radiation (J Force; Operation Grapple and Mururoa 22 and 28 July 1973) and suffering from any of the following:

◾All forms of leukaemia (except for chronic lymphocytic leukaemia)

◾Cancer of the thyroid, breast, pharynx, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, pancreas, bile ducts, gall bladder, salivary gland, urinary tract (renal, pelvis, ureter, urinary bladder and urethra), brain, bone, lung, colon, and ovary

◾Bronchiolo-alveolar carcinoma

◾Multiple myeloma

◾Lymphomas (other than Hodgkin’s disease)

◾Primary liver cancer (except if cirrhosis or hepatitis B is indicated)

are automatically presumed to have contracted those conditions as as result of their service and receive all the entitlements provided for in the WPA (shortly to replaced with the VSA) as of right and no questions asked.

Psycho Milt said...

...she should be brought back ASAP as a demonstration of the Nats' arrogance and hubris.

I'm thinking the Nats have plenty of demonstrations of hubris to provide for us without bringing the loathsome Collins back to the cabinet table. It's tempting to want to see her back for the damage she does to National's brand, but the people she'll shit on while damaging that brand should give us pause before wishing it upon them.

Jamie said...

Blogger The Veteran said...
"Jamie ... don't know where you are getting your info from?"

Was getting it from Wayne O'Donnell, The President of the Mururoa Nuclear Veterans Group Inc. Talked to him less than a week ago.

Will talk to him tomorrow

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

Key would be a fool to reinstate Collins in any form.

She's shown to have appallingly poor judgement and her side-show style distractions have been a millstone around the National Party all year.

I suspect she, along with Williamson and McCully will be asked to move along in about 18 months time.

The Veteran said...

PM/GHOST et al .... on the basis that you would never advocate anything likely to further improve the fortunes of the National Party one can only assume your opposition to JC's return is an indication of just how s**t scared you are that she will.

I'm sure she will appreciate your inadvertent vote of support.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

The only people fearful about what further damage Collins would inflict to the National Party brand is John Key himself and his inner circle of apparatchiks - Key is no bleeding heart, he's the smiling assassin.

He apparently showed no concern at all but maintained an unwavering cheerfulness when sacking dozens- some say hundreds of staff – after heavy financial losses incurred by Merrill Lynch in the wake of the 1998 Russian financial crisis, why would he give one whit about defenestrating a mistake prone windbag like Collins?

The Veteran said...

Whatever rings your bell Ghost .... must be tough looking forward to your protracted period in the wilderness, secure in the knowledge all you say counts for nowt.

President MNVG Inc said...

The Veteran,
Judas Collins is an ass.
Just to update you on a few FACTS. Judith Collins was the Minister of the Day that rejected the original testings of Nuclear Veterans (Grapple Veterans) of Dr Al Rowland on Nuclear Genetics and the pass down to the generations of health issues. Mururoa Nuclear Veterans have NEVER been tested and nor have the Children of BOTH Grapple or Mururoa. The " presumptive List" that you quote from has been a matter of conjecture for many years and is currently being looked at to have additions included for all Nuclear Veterans. It is all very well to say that the "current" listed diseases and illnesses are already being compensated for BUT it is not that easy for Veterans to obtain the compensation or for that matter even be aware . HENCE our battle for our Children and Grandchildren... Should you require more precise information .... feel free to contact me ... the details are on our website.

The Veteran said...

President MNVG ... My dealings with Minister Collins suggest the opposite. Maybe just maybe you never bothered to engage constructively with the Minister ... labeling her an 'ass' is hardly designed to win friends and influence people.

The 'Presumptive Lists' are just that. They are dynamic and can and have been added to as new information becomes available.

In that context the newly established Veteran's Health Advisory Panel will have an important role to play.

I am at a loss to understand your comment that "it is not that easy for Veterans to obtain the compensation or for that matter even be aware".

If they are suffering from a condition on the Presumptive List then they entitled to the suite of assistance provided for in legislation as of right and no questions asked. The process is simple.

As for not being aware. I would have thought with the relatively small numbers involved and with your organisation as their advocate and advising them on their entitlements then that should not be an issue.

I salute you as a fellow veteran and all power to your elbow in advocating for and on behalf of your colleagues.

Jamie said...

My original question still stands unanswered.

Perhaps your friend(Judith Colins)will be marching too???

President MNVG Inc said...

The Veteran:
Judas was consulted on many occasions by NZNTVA to no avail. MNVG Inc was created to help Mururoa Veterans , three Ships one of which was Australian and supposedly NOT under the control of NZDEF or NZ GOVT during its time at Mururoa. Consequently , none of the Australians have been recognised nor are entitled to any help with Nuclear Diseases. One of our battles is to gain recognition for our Fellow Australian Veterans.

My comment re "it is not that easy for Veterans to obtain the compensation or for that matter even be aware". Quite simple really ... First the Applying veteran is required at their own expense to "prove" a connection to their service and 2nd , The Govt and NZDEF are refusing to supply a "nominal crew list" for one of the vessels involved.
VANZ , NZDEF , NZ GOVT Should have made contact with ALL Crew to advise them of their entitlements ... this didnt and still is not happening. It is only since we have reformed the Crews as an Incorporated Society that we "ourselves " have started to track down lost Crew and advise them.

The battle will continue as long as we can keep our members alive ... BUT in saying that its been 42 years now so is looking grim. As for the Children and Grandchildren ..... that battle will continue long after my Crossing the Bar .

The Veteran said...

President MNVG ... I suggest that your use of intemperate language does nothing to advance your cause whatsoever ... it serves only to discredit your organisation in the eyes of Government.

You are wrong to say that a veteran is required at their own expense to prove a connection to their service. Clearly you don't understand what the Presumptive List is all about. I repeat, if one of your colleagues presents with one of the conditions on the list then it is accepted. No ifs, buts or maybes.

You don't need to take my word for it. Below is the extract from the VANZ website ....

"In August 2007 VANZ introduced lists of presumptively accepted conditions to assist with the resolution of War Disablement Pension claims. Under presumptive lists a veteran’s disability is automatically deemed to be attributable to service for the purpose of the War Pensions Act 1954 if the veteran has service in one of the deployments for which there is a presumptive list in place and their condition is on the relevant list. There is a list of presumptively accepted conditions linked to exposure to ionising radiation for veterans with war or emergency service in Jayforce, Operation Grapple or at Mururoa".

You can access the list at

You red herring with your comment that the Govt is refusing to supply crew lists. They are not needed and are not part of the application process. When a veteran makes an application under the WPA his/her entitlement is checked against the individuals service record held at Base Records Trentham.

Info regarding entitlements is publicised regularly by RNZRSA and VANZ and they have been doing that since time immemorial. The Vietnam Veterans Assn also assist in this regard and I would hope that your organisation does the same.

In respect of support for your children and grandchildren. Two decades ago the late Neville Wallace and myself started a Trust designed to do just that for 'our' children and grandchildren. Took a lot of hard work but now we are one of the largest private service trusts in NZL.
Constructive engagement saw the Government provide finding support. You might consider going down the same path.