Sunday, September 7, 2014

MMP Blossoms and Some Flowers Decay.

What Labour Party?

Speculation arises as the NZLP seems rooted in the mid 20s as a percentage of voters and comparisons are indulged in, as to how that relates to Ben glish and his Guinness Record Book Result of 20.9% in 2002.

While some of the then shifting sand votes went to Labour, 2% the big movers were a race based xenophobic policy of ex National Winston First moving up 6% to 10% and ex Labour Peter "I'm easy" Dunne who went up over 6% from one seat to 8 seats as a result of a major boost from a bloody worm and ACT holding steady on 7%.
So National on its disastrous 27 seats, down 12, watched two personality cults Peters and Dunne pick up 15 seats.

This time around we still have personality cults present with balance of power potential but there is little solace for the grand old NZLP in that a significant proportion of their leaked vote is heading to the GP who have morphed from an environmental party to a hard left socialist party scrabbling over the remnant socialist bone.
The Maori vote now lies with Maori nationalists and much of the diminished union rump is divided and blurred as to whether they support a rainbow, all things to many, party that has inherited the name NZLP or the newly emerged socialists using the now tarnished green mantle as a successful camouflage disguise.

There is now some speculation that the remnant NZLP might split into a bunch anchored to the fading union rump and the rainbows and feminists. Another New New  Labour perchance.

Whichever way it is analysed things are far less positive on the left c2014 than the right endured in 2002 and the splintering looks increasingly embedded than that which Ben glish delivered to Brash.

Personality and philosophical differences leave the task for someone to recreate a unified left of center party as a counter to the National bunch as a dominant coalition leading group around which to form a stable acceptable alternate administration.

Are we to witness something akin to Italy since the mid 1950 with a change of government as an annual event along with the accompanying confusion and aimless populist appealing elections that have zero regard for any future for our nation

This discussion totally disregards the very smelly and media fueled interventions of a convicted manipulative foreign national with residential qualifications and his determined attempt to subvert our fragile democracy as I fervently hope he will be enjoying the good graces of a US Federal Penitentiary sometime very soon after the election in two weeks.
I sincerely hope we are mature enough to see that for what it is, after all, it is Spring and the blossom of a new season proliferate.
The Flowers I gathered yesterday for swmbo smell really nice.

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