Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lies and the appalling suckers who fall for them

There are already various posts up on right-wing blogs along the lines of "Is that all you've got?", for all the world as though providing solid evidence that the Prime Minister has had the GCSB illegally carrying out mass surveillance and lying about it was some trivial "gotcha."

I'm not going to outline the PM's scam here, but I am depressed at how few people seem able to figure it out, given that it requires only a vague acquaintance with computers and network security to do so.  Keith Ng gives a good outline of it on Public Address.  The short version is:  the PM's released a bunch of documents showing some cyber-security operation called "Cortex" never actually went ahead - he's released nothing whatsoever about whether the mass-surveillance operation called "Speargun" went ahead.

Greenwald and Snowden, however, have released documentation showing that "Speargun" went ahead, the relevant quote being:

(TS//SI//NF) New Zealand: GCSB’s cable access program SPEARGUN Phase 1; awaiting new GCSB Act expected July 2013; first metadata probe mid 2013.

Key said he would resign if it was shown he was lying about mass surveillance.  This evidence clearly shows he was lying about mass surveillance.  The fact that he hasn't been able to release any relevant evidence to the contrary means if he had any integrity whatsoever he'd be drafting his resignation letter right now.  But then, he was most likely lying when he said he'd resign, just like he was lying when he denied the mass surveillance.


Noel said...

What an irony, all this information been presented ex an unknown hacker or a couple of thieves.
I'm convinced it would be more damaging if a hacker got my details than any meta data search by the Government.

Anonymous said...

You need to go sit down, have a rest and look at what you have written objectively. You have allowed yourself to get too close to this. What has been produced is not evidence. Key is not guilty because you want him to be. Provide the hard evidence or shut up

JC said...

If you want the good oil listen to Sir Bruce Fergussen on Campbell last night.


His session starts shortly after the 6 minute mark.

He gives us the important truths:

1. The accusations are false
2. The accusers are "criminals and traitors
3. There's "no need"to go fishing in people's private affairs
3. There *are* programmes designed to chase key words and phrases that could be a problem for national security.
4. He basically told Campbell that there are dickwads around who think we have nothing to fear from international espionage and its time we grew up and recognised the need to protect ourselves and our friends and neigbours.

Fergussen is no lover of the PM but he gave a full throated endorsement of the PMs recent actions and words on the matter.

For me its important to realise that we are dealing here with a bunch of foreigners accurately described as criminals and traitors who have a vested interest in bull shitting us and its time we stopped our grovelling to them because they happen to say things that feed our paranoia.


Tom Hunter said...

Despite all this screeching about state power and it's intrusiveness into private lives I've seen no great concern from left wing blogs or commentators about the militarised raid on DotCom's mansion that kicked all this off. A case where DotCom's ownership of even one gun - despite having no history of violence, let alone violence with a gun - was enough to get the Police to go full Robocop.

Is that because the raid can be dismissed as yet another example of right wing authoritarianism?

Or is it because such raids are the natural consequence of decades of demonisation of guns and gun owners in the service of furthering gun control, and as such is of no great concern even during discussions about the power of the state?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, this time you appear to be deranged.

Farrago said...

I'm just amazed that Cunliffe and Norman are in on it too.....being members of the Intelligence and Security Select Committee.

Even Key's best mate Ferguson is in on it...'This is an occasion where I have to say quite forcefully and categorically to support the Prime Minister’s utterances of the last few days...'

Ha...silly bastards don't they realise the name they gave to their super secret snooping machine 'xKEYscore' gives it away.

Lookout behind you...they're coming....

Psycho Milt said...

Tom Hunter: if you didn't see any concern from left-wing blogs about the raid on Dotcom's place, in can only be because you don't read any.

The rest: the evidence speaks for itself.

Tom Hunter said...

Leave the sophistry aside. I did not say that I had failed to see any concern from left-wing blogs about the DotCom raid. I saw plenty, but all of it focused on what Key may have known, GCSB spying on Dotcom and so forth.

What I specifically said was that I did not see any concern about the militarised police raid aspects of the whole deal - all of which were predicated not on any violent history with guns but simply upon the fact that Dotcom owned one.

But some civil liberties are more equal than others. I get that.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, did your fat kraut friend have a NZ firearms license?

If not, then the raid was fully justified.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but your quote from Snowden proves no such thing. Snowden fled the USA on 20 May 2013 (Wikipedia). So he could not *know* what happened about any plans for Speargun. This assumes such a project exists/existed and he is not lying about such a thing for his Russian handlers.

Psycho Milt said...

Snowden fled the USA in May 2013, yes. With him, he took that quoted info from the GCSB, which says the first metadata probe was expected mid-year and the GCSB Act to legitimate it in July. And yes, it doesn't "prove" the surveillance went ahead, in the same sense we can't "prove" that smoking tobacco causes lung cancer. In both cases though, you'd be a mug not to draw the conclusion.

JC said...

Following that timeline.. in Dec 2013 Key presents a new option (CORTEX) to the Finance Minister and that programme is approved in June 2014.

So the only window for Speargun was after the law change in July 2013 and Dec 2013 when Cortex is presented. Key says he shut Speargun down and the facts support him because of the very narrow window of just months after the law change.