Monday, September 29, 2014


This post from a David Cunliffe supporter over at the 'Stranded'.   Not just infighting .... it's blood on the floor ritual disemboweling for anyone daring to question Cunliffe's God given right to rule.  

DC supporters – PLEASE JOIN THE PARTY TODAY TO ENSURE YOU GET A VOTE IN THE LEADERSHIP CONTEST! The Labour Caucus needs to be purged of the destructive ABC Caucus, which does not represent the interests or social democratic left-wing values of the ordinary Kiwis who voted for Labour, nor the 900,000 non-voters. We have an incredible opportunity now to get the public to get to know David better over the next three years. If we don’t get DC reinstated, Labour is destined to fail spectacularly in 2017, and Greens will become the biggest opposition party.  Everyone can say what they like about Jacinda Adern, but she’s not ready yet. David Shearer and Grant Robertson are too right-wing and come across as Wellington bureaucrats, and they don’t have the firepower, grassroots support base, social vision for NZ or debating skills to take on FJK.

Got one thing right though .... "Labour is destined to fail spectacularly in 2017".    Out of the mouths of babes etc.


Anonymous said...

Doe's "FJK" stand for "Fabulous John Key" ?

B Whitehead

The Veteran said...

B Whitehead ... if you think so. Others might not be so generous.

Paranormal said...


Thank you for wading into the mire at the Strandard to find these gems so that we don't have to.

The Veteran said...

In the spirit of being helpful it might be instructive to list those that our David Cunliffe loyalist wants 'purged' from their caucus. I have excluded the newbie MPs as I don't have a handle on their thinking.

In alpha order

ARDERN, Jacinda - List
CLARK, David - Dunedin North
COSGROVE, Clayton - List
CURRAN, Clare - Dunedin South
DAVIS, Kelvin - Te Tai Tokerau
DYSON, Ruth - Port Hills
GOFF, Phil - Mt Roskill
HIPKINS, Chris - Rimutaka
KING, Annette - Rongotai
MALLARD, Trevor - Hutt South
NASH, Stuart - Napier
O'CONNOR, Damien - West Coast-Tasman
ROBERTSON, Grant - Wellington Central
SHEARER, David - Mt Albert
TIRIKATENE, Rino - Te Tai Tonga
WOODS, Megan - Wigram

That's half their caucus and enough to make a new and viable centre-left Party.

The Gantt Guy said...

"...does not represent the interests or social democratic left-wing values of the ordinary Kiwis who voted for Labour..."

What, both of them?

24.8999% special interest victim groups.
0.0001% "ordinary Kiwis"

The Veteran said...

and further .... with news reports that Cunliffe has now offered Robertson the job as his Deputy I think we can safely assume that David Parker has joined the list of ABCs.

What a clusterf**k.

The Gantt Guy said...

It gets better and better. One's sorry to be a man (or, a sorry excuse for a man, whichever), and the other's a raving queen.

You couldn't sell this script to Hollywood, it's too unrealistic!

Anonymous said...

If the man had a shred of dignity, he would have resigned totally, with some grace.

His wife should have had a word in his ear.

Mrs Danvers