Sunday, September 28, 2014

Killing A Death Cult - Updated

(This will get the bleeding heart liberals going.)

During the last two weeks in Australia, home grown Muslim terrorists were thwarted from making a truck bomb attack on Federal Parliament and from carrying out a public beheading of a non-muslim in Sydney's Martin Place.  Just two days ago it was reported that 'men of middle eastern appearance' have been making uninviting calls on the homes of Australian servicemen serving overseas.

There actually is a war going on right now.  In Sydney's and Melbourne's suburbs.

Australia, along with the US and most Western European countries, finds itself with a serious problem on its hand.  Unreconstructed radical fundamentalist Islamic fanatics, born in Australia.   

Apologists for Islam fail to admit that Islam is not just a religion of hatred - it is inextricably linked to a barbaric legal system called Sharia.  In other words, the church is the state.

Australian PM Tony Abbot rightly has labelled Islam as a ‘Death Cult.

Thanks to all the surveillance techniques and police powers about which lunatic NZ leftists have been railing for the last few weeks, a horrific terrorist attack in Sydney’s CBD has been thwarted.   Unlike earlier imported conflicts (Serb v Croat) the children of Islamic immigrants are perpetuating and inflaming their homeland hatreds.  

The question on many people’s minds is no longer ‘how did it come to this’ but ‘how do we get rid of this plague?’  The answer is ‘with considerable difficulty.’ 

It took Spain 700 years to evict the Moors who essentially did exactly what their latter-day colleagues have done.  Immigrated to western countries and gradually took over sectors of each country, introducing sharia law and Islam’s entrenched subjugation of women, abuse of children and murder of non-Muslims.  It took a successful military campaign against the Islamic enclaves after which the vanquished were offered the choice of converting to Christianity, leaving the country or execution.

Adolf believes the Spanish experience shows Australia a path forward.

  • ·        A first step might be a very public declaration by Federal Parliament that Australia is a       ‘Sharia Free Zone’
  • ·        Halt all immigration from Muslim countries.
  • ·        Arrest and deport anyone found to be ‘radicalising’ young men.
  • ·        Close down all mosques
  • ·        Declare Islam to be a proscribed ‘religion.’  It is a barbaric form of government masquerading as a religion.
  • ·        Offer adherents the choice of publicly renouncing Islam, deportation or internment.
  • ·        Establish internment camps in remote locations with men held in camps far distant from those for women and children.
  • ·        Reintroduce capital punishment by firing squad for those convicted of terrorist acts on Australian soil.

If the above measures were implemented, the problem would be over in less than ten years rather than seven hundred.


Noel said...

Umm some of us moved on from the Middle Ages. Including many Muslims.
If the descendants of the Muslims expelled were eligible for Spanish citizenship it would have the largest Muslim population in the world.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


In case you haven't noticed, many Muslims today are solidly ensconced in the Middle Ages.

Angry Tory said...

Only one problem:

The Australia Labor Party (and their Union paymasters) have done far far more actual damage to Australia - both at home and abroad - than Australian Muslims ever have!

I think your policies are excellent! But let's apply them all to the Unionists & APL first.

And you know what - I bet, after Aussie's peaceful muslims have seen what we do to the ALP, there won't be any other terrorism problem from Muslims either.

Angry Tory said...

a very public declaration by Federal Parliament that Australia is a ‘Sharia Free Zone’ ·

i.e. an "APL Free Zone"

Oh and before you think I'm nuts - remember that there was a referendum in Oz in 1951 that would have banned the Communist Party of Oz, and also would have allowed the govt to ban the ALP.

It can be done there; it can be done here!

Anonymous said...

Australia is very lucky that they have a PM with the backbone to maybe implement a few of your suggestions Adolf,providing he doesn't waver when there are cries of islamophobia from the usual quarters.

It will also give the moderate Muslims, those supposedly in the majority who believe their religion has been hijacked and mis-represented by a tiny minority of fanatics, a platform to speak and a chance to get behind the PM in rooting out those who are misunderstanding the religion of peace.

We can watch with interest.

Mrs Danvers

Anonymous said...

Australia has a history of immigrants not getting along with others, and they generally tend to always come from certain countries.
Unfortunately, Australia is beset by guilt over past handling of Aborigines, similar to the way White Kiwi's are supposed to feel bad about Waitangi treaty issues, etc.
It's very PC in Australia, more than NZ ever was.
I doubt that any attack would dramatically change Australian foreign policy, but it would effect Australian attitudes in a negative way about immigrants in general.

B Whitehead

Howie said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Do you have a better idea?

Howie said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Goodbye Howie

Barry said...

I agree with Adolf's path forward.