Monday, September 29, 2014

Just the Job For Wuss?

The xxxx ex (?) communist, did his doctoral study on The Alliance Party of Aotearoa.

Following the almost total involvement of some of the ex power players in an event in our recent political history that crashed and burned on September 20th is it an opportunity for Dr Norman to do further study as a post doctoral effort.

Lila Harre and Pam Corkery were at the head of Herr Schmitz's phantom legion that were potentially going to head up a political movement to open the internet party up for wider use by all, with the harnessing of the many younger people who live within that city's walls. A part of empowering the "Missing Million" if you like. Tui Bilboard right there.

Within the same time frame another very key component of now sleeping? entity,  The Alliance, was embedded at the very heart of the now spectacularly failed elevation of The Messiah in the person of one David Cunliffe, as his tax payer funded Chief of Staff.
The reality was McCarten was the CEO of the elect David Cunliffe committee and should have been the funding responsibility of The NZLP.
One of the master of the dark arts first organisational efforts was centered on the creation of  "The War Room" and in the process, evicting the Labour Caucus from their Parliamentary Services provided meeting room to a broom cupboard elswhere and employing all the Parliamentary provided services and functions to aid the election campaign. In the process further stretching the very real and proper separation of funding MPs to work for their electorate, from party political activity around elections.
Incumbency has since for ever, created a significant advantage for sitting MPs and for a glaring example we only have to revisit the rort around manipulating the Green Party's chosen male co leader in the wake of Rod Donald's untimely death, to sitting list mp over the legitimate candidates Delahunty and Mike Ward. The latter with his remnant sense of fair play and basic decency declined to participate but was won over when the cause was promoted as the "greater good".
No "dirty politics" there for sure, it is the socialists so it's ok.

In recent days the Troughmaster General now impotent and decommissioned, moored in his country estate, has been sought out by the ever lazy MSM to pontificate on the contretemps around the NZLP leadership. As if an historic destroyer in his own megalomaniac way, of the once great party of the left as a broad church outfit that he felt compelled to break from, in a schism, the greatest since John A Lee remonstrated publicly against the failure to address the failing powers of an ailing Micky Savage. An event that ultimately  led to Lee's expulsion from his party.

So much of the very deep and destructive problems surrounding the NZLP and currently highlighted by the abject failings of one David Cunliffe have the ever sticky fingers of many at the heart of The Alliance Party present and it is a fertile ground for further study.

So Wussel Old comrade hows about giving it some oxygen, after all you have bugger all else to do for the next 30 months, more than enough time methinks.
Make it a book,  has Craig Potten got much on at present?

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