Sunday, September 28, 2014

It is a clusterf^*k, pure and simple.

As the fallout from the NZLP's worst electoral result in over 90 years, a result achieved by the then embryonic party coming to grips with its recent amalgamations of several socialist groups under the leadership of Henry Holland as opposed to the 2014 patient in intensive care and close to death, just rolls on to the abyss, popcorn supplies  threatened theater promised.

David Cunliffe, the messianic leader, elevated just 370 days before the Saturday night massacre, with much red paint symbolism and under the shadow in the form of a framed picture of Michael Joseph Savage, and only memorable for his you betcha reply to taxing rich pricks, well folks that was the high point.
Inheriting a party polling in the mid thirties he, single handedly in just over twelve months turned a party with a faint hope of victory into a train wreck gaining in the one poll that matters a lowly 24%.
Now he claims he is ready, equipped and capable of the Resurrection???
Biblical eh, perhaps he is channeling his late Padre Pater.

Among the total dross that his supporters are claiming as support for "another its my turn John you have had yours",  is an ongoing premise that "he won the debates".
 I call bollocks there, he didn't lose as in "show me the money" however he came bloody close with his CGT mumble fu^k moment when Key asked if his house owned by a family trust would incur the useless impost. I mean four years in the womb and the main architect couldn't answer a basic plank question. Surely the houses outside the proposed exempted family homes are going to be held by trusts and a significant proportion of the target.
If shouting, bullying and talking over is considered a win then ok but Key didn't stumble or shout or go into committee at every advert break with his multiple advisers so where any sane observer watching what was transmitted could adjudicate a winner is a mystery to me and I did a bit of competitive  debate  in earlier days.

My assessment is, in a desert a drop of dew on a canvas is something to treasure but in the oh so shallow puddle of talent to be considered the best of the available is not a solution.
I would consider an interim leader, say King or one of the other  past use by dated options while things settle and then have another look, at least that would seem more pragmatic and a whole lot less damaging than a ritual blood letting over the months until the xmas break.

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