Tuesday, September 16, 2014

In response to Psycho Milt

I read this post and thought rather than a comment that would get lost I would treat you all to a whole new post.

I have followed the events of the last few days and wanted to write down my thoughts on what we have been told and my opinion on it.
First up.
I always expected that they had the ability to listen/ read anything and everything we do. So Snowdens weak premise last night was actually quite comforting.
But here is the rub, data collection is not surveillance. There is no team of cardigan wearing Harry Palmers closely monitoring my download history or porn tastes.
Having the ability to look at it is wise and proper in today's world.
But I can continue to satisfy my weird tastes in porn and downloading Wes Anderson movies safe in the knowledge that if they want to actually look at and action any of my activity they have to jump through some pretty big hoops upto and including getting judges and the prime minister to agree.

That the media have allowed a USA traitor a platform is worrying. Almost as worrying as how Assange looks after hiding in the broom cupboard from charges in Sweden. He reminded me of a long caged bear at the zoo. Quite mad.
Snowden is truly lucky he is American and committed treason against America. If he was Russian and done the same I suspect he would have tasted polonium by now which  makes Putin granting him sanctuary even more galling.

Kim Dotcom.
Never has something so big, been promised to so many  for so long, by somebody so big only for it to turn out to be so small. Your email is fake, you are a crook and you need to go now.

David Fisher wrote a piece in the Herald this morning that basically called Kim Dotcom out as a liar and fantasist, he then doubled down on this with an interview with Plunket. Startling turn around by somebody who has been accused by many (including me) of being a paid shill for the German.
I hope that his actions this morning have proved me wrong on this.
I have apologised to David Fisher personally a handful of times over the last wee while and did so again today.

Despite my comfort over what our security services are doing I am left with a niggling doubt in my mind. A doubt that was put there by Psych Milt a few months ago..
It went something like this;
"so you are comfortable that John Key can order somebody to delve into your online activities? Would you say the same if Helen Clark was still prime minister?"

Of course the answer to that question is of course a resounding.. Hell NO.

So we maybe do need to have a public debate on what our spies are doing, but all participants in this debate need to watch a couple of the beheading videos first. A timely reminder on why we have them in the first place.


Anonymous said...

"data collection is not surveillance"


Never in the field of political endeavour has so much energy been expended by so many people arguing on the basis of so little information and even less knowledge.

Lou Taylor said...

Well said BB

Anonymous said...

Very nicely put and a perhaps the most rational piece I have read recently.


JC said...

Would you say the same if Helen Clark was still prime minister?"

Of course the answer to that question is of course a resounding.. Hell NO.""

That of course is trivially true but irrelevant.

The most relevant thing here is a failure by Key..

When he instituted a review of the GCSB he was offered four choices, is, do nothing more or go the full monty at the other end.

Under pressure from the "criminals and traitors"and their NZ enablers he chose a less efficient model for the country.. a model that wasn't best practice and against the advice of experts.

NZ is now the poorer and less safe for this choice which is closer to the wishes and needs of the hackers, spies, thieves and the left.
*That* is the most relevant thing to come out.


Tom Hunter said...

Actually there are two relevant things here: Key and Cunliffe/Norman/Turei.

And the fact that most left-wingers cannot get their heads around is that a lot of other people just can't see those beautiful halos floating above those heads.

I don't trust Key - much. On this issue even less.

It's just that I trust the others on this issue even less. An "ex"-communist and a spying capability. Yeah, that just screams trust.

Psycho Milt said...

BB: indeed data collection is not surveillance, but up until the weekend Key didn't care about that distinction and maintained that the GCSB wasn't doing either on a mass scale (not of NZers, anyway), and that he'd resign if it was proved he was lying.

Then Greenwald turned up and Key started backpeddling. Yesterday morning I commented on the Standard:

"I expect by this time tomorrow Key will be quibbling about definitions of 'mass surveillance' and whether it includes gathering of metadata."

We're seeing it on the blogs today, now let's see if Key serves it up tonight.

Barnsley Bill said...

I just don't think people care PM. While the dirty politics and Dotcom show has hurt National I think it has hurt the left more.
The only winner from all this will be Winston first. Again.
I think it is a good thing if they can reach in and find stuff when they need too. And I am happy with the hoops they have to jump through to get it.
Of course, should Clark magically reappear as PM my happiness would shrink. A lot.

Baxter said...

It seems odd that a party claiming to be concerned with child welfare should bring out a homosexual Porn Peddler to aid it to frame the Prime Minister.

Paulus said...

Anything Snowden is at least four years old, the last time he stole data from the NSA.
Unless Putin is feeding him, which is very possible.