Saturday, September 6, 2014

If That Was A Preview, Who has the Media Rights to the Premiere?

As an effort in self flagellation, I endured the first 40 minutes of "Cat Herding" last night until sanity returned and Makos vs Waikato seemed the better option.

Of course Whinney made good, ffs he has been at the college for nearly 40 years and received his first lessons in Political arts and other activities at the feet of another alcohol aficionado the late unlamented Sir Robert Muldoon.
We all remember those older boys who had spent three years in standard six then bullied their way through college by being  stronger and street smart, playing the system.

Hone made it, and made some plaintive wail about being at meetings 'Kelvin missed' as an explanation but to me, gave a convincing impression of a very recently gelded four year old horse.
Pain wracked, subdued, and under the growing  reality that hormones were no longer a driver and sex was now historical.

Boofhead was clearly way past the heady days when a worm was his best mate.

Craig, another possum sitting on a white line licking his arse while a headlight bearing carriage bore down, effort.

Whyte What the fuck am I doing here.

Norman, sans his sartorial splendid, jade encrusted, advert for the dangers of obesity, made a passable first night, first production of "The Statesman", a role much coveted but not yet  really a good fit. I mean Communists are so last century

Flavell, well possibly the most relevant, personable and articulate, but had to vigorously wave his hand for Teach to ask him to speak.

Lastly Horan wtf was he there for, where were Graeme Capill, Bruce Beetham, Gary Knapp and even Vern Cracknell. That said Brendon was by far and away Whinney's best electorate vote winner, does that explain his sudden and subsequently exposed as very dodgy, dumping.

As infotainment I guess it was up there with Survivor Desert Island and maybe the Kardashians.

Hosking was just indulging hiself.

Talking about minor parties where was Thumhead.

As a glimpse of how the first Cabinet meeting after the erection of the scaffold of inanity as a worst case scenario outcome on September 20th, the small bit of my psyche that wishes in moments of insanity to see, suddenly reality TV is not so bad.
Just electing a chairperson will be fraught if dear old Mr c is only the best polling of ten other egos.
Not forgetting of the whole bunch on show and in the wings who of the eleven had the best electorate outcome three years ago? Of those onstage, Boofhead by the length of the straight.

 Meanwhile in the real world at the Tron, the good guys beat the mooloos with a prop scoring right  on full time.
Aahh the real world is still out there, thanks be.


pdm said...

Who the hell is Thumhead?

Shane Ponting said...

"Whyte What the fuck am I doing here."

So it's Jamie's fault that all the children in the room cannot discuss ideas and prefer to throw play-dough at each other?

gravedodger said...

@ pdm the current albeit temporary leader of the at present largest opposition party, supremo.
Resident cartoonist at Whaloil captures him wonderfully,
Cheers mate.

@ Shane P, fair observation, I didn't make the rules and it was just an opinion on how he appeared to me in the time I wasted watching.
OTOH that was a good game of rugby and the draw would have been fair enough, that said being a Crusader feeder union the Makos are in a good place and the 81st minute try a warm fuzzy.