Wednesday, September 17, 2014

If hees Te Bestest, Then Gawd Elp us awl!

Yu no nuffink bout anyfingk!

You got one thing right though Mr c, the only way you will prevail is when we revert to the no winners, no losers  kindergarten rules and it really does become your turn.

One TV3 Reid poll and it is all over for #team Key, bollocks!

Mr c,  shouting down a Chicom negotiator wont work, just ask Wussel how he got on getting his fwag back.

Yes Mr c you may be able to satisfy Winny's latest brainfart and leave the melons out as they have no where else to go and the same for the IMPs if the world as we know it happens to end Saturday night.

Having a prime minister that 87% of voters do not want will work, yeah right.
A united caucus My arse
That's only 3 more voters in every hundred,  than Winny has currently fooled,  apparently.

Raising the minimum will always destroy jobs, particularly entry level, higher unit wage costs soon reach a level where further automation becomes the option, and if you think the 90 day law does not create opportunities for the vulnerable you truly are deluded, talk to those dealing with such dross every day.

I think you misjudged the audience Mr c, I doubt you impressed.
Denial is not an Egyption Creek, the audience  from Seven Sharp who would have been a majority who watched, are not the dumbarse demographic your patronising rude overbearing demeanor suggested.

As for your stupid repeating of that old chestnut about log exports, you really are so totally dumb and inept.
End user processors for our logs, are nearly as numerous as the number of tonnes of logs crossing our wharves, so cutting it all into four by twos or six by ones, (100x 50s and 150 x 25s  if you like) will satisfy around less than 1% of potential buyers. then add in rough sawn vs machined sized, various lengths, other dimentions, moisture content, stabilising with treatments (how many), it will just not work out.
If in denial of every business protocol existing, you were correct around further processing, is it not a complete mystery  that companies such as Juken Nisho who have been in our country, timber processing for over a quarter century, just might have seen a glimpse of that obscure fact and initiated a program to take advantage?
You complete tosser,  do you really believe that what happens now in log export is in the face of an overwhelming market signal to further process.
Buyers want logs of a specification to feed their current market and if you had even one weeks experience in the real world, you, yes even you would notice how a  market works in that world.

You further claim an administration of the remnant NZLP, The Melons and Winston first will deliver stable government.
Who was it said insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.
Your boozy shortarse new bestie has been in how many Cabinets without a single warrant lasting three years.

Where do we find so many who believe it will be different next time we let the stinking socialists attempt to reverse convention and overcome the barrier created when OPMs run out.

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Jamie said...

Grrr....All the journalists and media pundits still can't work it out.
I'll break it down for you lot.
Mr C has been paid to throw the election(remember $$ offshore bank account)
It's a DON KEY boxing match. They'll put on a show for the punters, but the result is alredy a forgone conclusion