Thursday, September 4, 2014

How to Avoid The Capital Gains Tax



Anonymous said...

You need to expand that solution somewhat, as a vote for any party that would support Labour will effectively bring about the same result.

B Whitehead

pdm said...

True BW - I wanted to keep it succinct as I have trouble retaining paragraph settings in my posts at present.

Anonymous said...

Why would I vote for the unions?

That said, rather than doing what is best for the country, I've been thinking it might have some advantages.


1. The exchange rate would go down, increasingly so as they over-spend and over-tax.

2. Increasing personal tax rates would impact on the bureaucracy more than the rest of us.

3. As an exporter, all my income is in USD and Euro, which leaves some very interesting options:

a) Keep most of the income in the company, so just give them the company tax until some future date

or b) use an offshore entity and run the company from there.

So, it isn't completely cut and dried depending on whether you are a producer or not.

pdm said...

Got a psuedonym anon?

How would the rising interest rates affect you for seasonal finance, expansion etc?

Anonymous said...

That is the point. If you don't need to borrow at increased rates &tc, there can be some advantages.

So, it isn't just those voting to get more of some imaginary pie of resources they currently don't have.

Of course, it is short term thinking but 3 years of chaos could be very fruitful for a lot of people.

smttc said...

By the By pdm, I see Act now have a Tuki Tuki candidate. So your dilemma may be solved.

pdm said...

smttc - I see John Ormond the perennial ACT candidate died earlier in the week. You had to give him credit for his persistence.

Noted re the candidate - I will probably do a Voting Conundrum update in the next day or so.