Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Have Another Idea.

"Maybe we could have more wards and one councillor per ward,'' she said, acknowledging that such a move could lead to a slightly bigger-sized council."

Long standing "I know best" socialist mayor of The Peoples Republic thinks a bigger Council and more Community Boards " MIGHT" make for better decision making around the city rebuild.
One thing for absolute certain Liaranne it will cost more, for another it will delay what is already bogged down and for a third many more will just take their money and bugger off.

Here is a radical alternative view.
Remove the socialist driven community boards entirely. They are dominated by experts in spending OPMs that have absolutely no knowledge around commercial reality or ability in good decision making.

Take your already overpopulated Council and the bunch of useless seat warmers who run the place to a site where they concentrate their energies on core business; sewerage, water supply, roading and refuse, then stand back and let those willing to risk their money to rebuilding the city.

The City that so many laud and remember with such fondness was built by earlier risk takers, some succeeded and some failed but the ratepayers did not have to bail out the failures.
A well established fact in the wake of the quakes was that the city administration that grew from the well intentioned but totally misguided  vision of what a city can do, failed sensationally when the deal was completed.

Please, what is the need to rebuild QE2 complex when many of those former residents have decamped west or gone for ever.
Why build a multimillion dollar playground in the CBD when the only kids are visiters to see where "Dad" is working.
Why talk about a rail system for a CBD that will never be anything such as it once was.
To consider a sad bunch of "dont forget about me"  wanting to somehow convince someone with money, desire and a view of the future to build more white elephants is nonsense.

Why does that socialist numpty think even for one minute she can conceive and deliver anything other than another total ballsup?

Oh that's right she is a socialist and that is different.

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