Saturday, September 20, 2014

Good Steady Progress

The Gnats have not been below 48% so far.  Sitting comfortable on 49% with 28% of the vote counted.  Our sincerest thanks go to Kim DotKrim.

Results Counted

0% 28.2% Complete100%

Percentage of Party Votes Received by each Party

National PartyLabour PartyGreen PartyNew Zealand First PartyInternet MANAMāori PartyACT New ZealandOthers
Numbers in brackets are seats won by party             

1 comment:

Angry Tory said...

54% of NZ voted RIGHT.

So can we please have some RIGHT WING policies for a change?

How about a few simple ones to start with:
- close down RadioNZ
- close down railway
- charterise all schools, sell all school property
- ban the unions
- sell all state houses
- sell all state hospitals
- open ALL doc land for mining, especially the entire fucking Coromandel
- guns for cops (and laws to use 'em)
- GST to 20% - have to pay back the debt somehow
- zero corporate tax rate (yeah, better even than ACT)
- cap tax at 200K - all income over 200K untaxed

and while were at it:
- delete all the maori seats
- nett taxpayer franchise

National's got the votes, it can undo the entrenchment and fix NZ once and for all.

Key now has the chance and the power to remake NZ. About time he actually did something!