Sunday, September 14, 2014

Five eyes nowhere as dangerous as these six eyes

These ones here that is:

MMP is about coalitions whether you like it or not.

You can either have this six-eyed coalition, or the one we currently have.

If you want to return the one you currently have, you must vote Act.  If you don't, then according to today's iPredict snap results after the release of the Greenwald "facts", you'll get this six-eyed coalition and a prime minister who has about 8% support across the country.

That's why I was out in the rain all day today delivering mail.  Someone's gotta do it!


Andrei said...

ACT, a party of chinless, upper middle class twits with less charisma than a dead mouse and the imagination of a block of cheese.

Why would anybody vote for them?

They are just add to the cacophony of crap in our claytons democracy

Nick K said...

Because the alternative is parties of double chinless idiots with even less charisma and no imagination.

In other words, no party is perfect, but the alternative is much, much worse.

The Veteran said...

Nick ... anyone who would question our m'ship of 'Five Eyes' against the background of the murder today of David Haines (not forgetting the two prior and those those to come) is actually of aiding and abetting terrorism.

Cunliffe, Norman, Turia, Harre and Harawira stand condemned.

Nick K said...

Vet, I agree. I will do a short post on it soon from a personal perspective.

pdm said...

Nick you forgot Metira - she won't let Russel have sole dibs with Winston and Davey.

Vet - well said.

Shane Ponting said...

I voted on saturday at an advanced election booth. Party vote went to ACT.

smttc said...

I am a National voter who has given my party vote to ACT in the past. Not this time. I am not convinced about Seymour or that the Conservatives will get over the line based on recent polling (although I wish them well).

I believe National voters are going to turn out in force this election in the hope of giving National a majority to govern alone if need be.

The alternatives are too ghastly to contemplate.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It is difficult to imagine a more skulduggerous gang of ratbags than DotKrim, Greenwald, Assange, Snowden, Harawira, Minto and Harre.

Nick K said...

Well smttc, Seymour will win easily. Of course people said Hide wouldn't win in 2005, nor '08. And Banks wasn't going to win in 2011 either. I am privy to some polling that has him comfortably ahead. It's a great shame people think like you do (and this is not said pejoratively). National has virtually no chance of governing alone - in 2011 it was Act's one seat in Epsom that allowed Key to form a government. You still have 5 days to change your mind, and convince 10 others likewise!

Angry Tory said...

MMP is about coalitions whether you like it or not.

More MSM lies. Scotland has had a majority National government under MMP for the last three years - and has done so well they will be independent of the UK.

A Majority National government is quite possible under MMP - in fact it one of few constitutionally legitimate outcome. Again in spite of MSM spin, a leftist coalition of minor parties (Labour is no longer a major party) is constitutional illegitimate.

aiding and abetting terrorism.

National says it will work with the Maori Party which now includes Tame Iti. So I guess we have no choice but to elect terrorists in this "Claytons democracy" - the question is which - Tame Iti, or Harawira, Minto, Sykes, Norman, Turei, etc

It is difficult to imagine a more skulduggerous gang of ratbags than DotKrim, Greenwald, Assange, Snowden, Harawira, Minto and Harre.

Frankly Clark, Cullen, Goff, King, Cunliffe did more damage to NZ than that lot has so far. And if you think borrowing sixty billion - approximately $250,000 for every nett taxpayer in NZ!!! - is in any way justifiable then Key, English, Joyce & Collins have also done vast damage to NZ.

However much you think Labour squandered good times, they are Labour. Key's National squandered the best chance in a couple of generations with the GFC and Christchurch to get NZ together behind real government policy to end welfare, end borrowing, end leftism in NZ.

That's why NZ's only hope is not a National majority government - but a National/ACT or National/ACT/Conservative coalition. No more borrowing. No more welfare. No more nanny state.
No more crims - cops with guns & the right to use 'em. No more state "liabilities" - whether power generators, schools, hospitals or farms. No more unions, especially no more teacher unions. No more RadioNZ & TVNZ leftism!

We can have all this with a National+ACT government with real guts to do what's right.