Monday, September 22, 2014


But I were John Key and in negotiating supply and confidence agreements with National's erstwhile allies I would .....

Offer ACT's David Seymour the Chair of a Select Committee.   Seymour needs time to learn the mores of Parliament before being exposed to scrutiny as a Minister outside Cabinet.   He also needs time and space to help rebuild ACTs brand if that Party is to survive long term.    Mid term promotion maybe.

United Future has no future post Peter Dunne who blotted his copybook with his rush of blood to wherever.   I suspect this is his final term.  A reasonably competent Minister but offering him a portfolio and you are denying one of your own up-and-comers the opportunity to make his/her mark. Appoint him the Deputy Speaker.   No noses out of joint (except perhaps his and no matter) with Eric Roy retired.

If you are going to bring the Maori Party into the fold (and I think you should) then Te Ururoa Flavell deserves a ministerial warrant.    He is hard working and capable.     I judge him as a safe pair of hands.    

Don't bother reaching out to Winston First.   That man is trouble.   There are elements in his caucus worth cultivating with an eye to Winston's retirement but I'm not sure he ever will of his own accord and it's a moot point whether the Party will survive without him.   The election of Ron Mark may change that dynamic but I suspect Tracy Martin has her eyes on the main chance.


JC said...

I'd keep Dunne as a Minister against the day you have scandals, resignations etc. Dunne is safe enough in a portfolio and makes up the numbers if things get chaotic in a third term.

Deputy Speaker.. all he's got going for him is prissiness and that ain't gonna control Trev and Winnie.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Judith Collins could and would.

Paulus said...

Tracey Martin as Leader - Yea !
Would be fun though watching this inarticulate grandma try and lead the members there are.
How many are now looking to their long term futures in Parliament by wishing to close towards National.
There are already rumblings.

Barry said...

I think a non-racist prime minister wouldn't go anywhere near Flavell and his ugly talk about racial discrimination in favour of part-maoris and about race-based separatism.

The Veteran said...

Paulus .... I think you are referring to Anne Martin, mother of Tracey and President of Winston First.