Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DotBomb - Winners and Losers

The outright winner by far from last night's gathering of skulduggers, charlatans, frauds and traitors is the National Party.  Thousands of hitherto complacent supporters who may have stayed home now will make sure to vote.  I hope Mr Key publicly thanks DotKrim for his priceless electoral assistance.

The other two big winners are a strange pair.  John key and Sue Bradford.  Both vindicated.

The losers' list is encyclopaedic but at the very top must be The Herald and scribber David Fisher whose reputations, if he ever had one, are left in tatters.  Not far behind come John Campbell and Andrea Vance.  It is no coincidence that the ratings of these three journos' respective organisations have been tanking.

Where to from here?

Make sure you get out and vote.

After the election I hope there is some form of formal inquiry into this whole tawdry DotKrim affair.  One in which people can be supoenad and required to give evidence under oath.   Special care should be taken to discover who was paid what by the Corpulent Crook and what conflicts of interest ensued from those payments.

DotKrim's residency should not be revoked.  Instead he should be charged with criminal activity his passport should be taken from him so that when he is extradited the Yankswill know where to come and get him.


gravedodger said...

It appears Fisher has been jandalised and done a 180 degree turn saying that Schmitz is an Emperor with no clothes, hees got nuthin.

Just like Soper a slow learner but I guess Fisher has the cpmplication of a much closer tie to The Fat Fu*k

ewingsc said...

New Zealand ~ Who's Running The Show & In Whose Interests?


Anonymous said...

"...people can be supoenad and required to give evidence under oath."

Waste of time. Lying is so ingrained today and an oath is what you say when you hit your finger with the hammer.

I still think there is something of concern in all this despite the very poor showing last night but maybe its not yet at the point where we are being intruded upon. I would be far more comfortable if we profiled the real troublemakers (Muslims) rather than pissing everyone off out of respect for the religion of peace.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Yes I agree with you and I can't help but think a bit of 'metadata' surveillance might be a very good thing. They are welcome to every one of my emails.

As is usual with 'the left' the basic premise on which they operate is flawed. In this case, 'metadata is bad.'

It ain't near half as bad as head hacking and clit clipping.

Alan H said...

Was not going to vote this election because of my despair of
N.Z politics. However after Hagar and the German crook's antics, I am going out today to give National two ticks.