Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Not too many commentators have picked up the significance of what happened yesterday with the election of two 'new' Labour Whips ... I guess it took second place to the mayhem surrounding Cunliffe and the gag orders and the subsequent breaking ranks by Shearer and Goff.

Never mind the crap about caucus (any caucus)  deciding on who the Whips are going to be.    The are the Leaders 'eyes and ears' and he has to have total confidence in them.   The reality is that in National and Labour and I suspect Winston First (not sure about the Greens) the Leader telegraphs his preferences and the caucus rubber stamps the appointments.

Not so yesterday.   Moroney and Lees-Galloway (Cunliffe loyalists) resign/dumped to be replaced by Hipkins and Sepulini.    The real fascinating thing is that Hipkins had previously been the Whip up until when he was dumped by Cunliffe following his election.   Hipkins is a paid up member of the ABCs; Sepulini I'm not sure about.

Whatever, Cunliffe has lost control of his caucus and that is why, no matter how the leadership battle plays out, he is a 'Dead Man Walking'.

p.s.   Moroney takes a $40k hit in salary; Lees-Galloway $15k.   Couldn't happen to two 'nicer' people.


Anonymous said...

I get the impression that DC would rather have the ship go down with all hands, than let someone else take over.
This is a pity, as I believe we need a strong opposition party for a healthy democracy.

B Whitehead

gravedodger said...

At the risk of a Godwins law violation it appears Mr c is in the bunker moving the missing million voters around battle fields that no longer exist.
The NZLP does not deserve him as they are incompetent.

Where the hell is Moira Coatsworth, absolute tits as a president and if wee Timmy Barnett was any less visible he would be stars overhead at midday.