Monday, September 8, 2014

Cameron Slater fills a void.

One thing Hagar's saga and whaledump has revealed is that despite the loathing and denigration he does reveal "news" some would like to remain beyond public view.
Traffic at the "irrelevant" Blog is in the stratosphere

That his private communications have been  splashed all over the media without a second thought for his rights, and the salient fact that the revelations have been mercilessly employed in a so far devastating failure to damage National, the public perception is that Cameron Slater is Public enemy number one.

That is entirely misleading, all that is revealed so far is he is the most exposed.

There is a nest of vipers residing at The Standard and at least three of them, Prentice, Smith (hey Clint, and Mr c's Trust(y) legal adviser Presland, are in direct daily contact with the two faced moron who can talk from  both sides of his gob at the same time, can deliver a personna to fit any situation although they are complete phonies when scrutinised by an independent observer. A classic being when he climbed onto a Mana campaign bus at the Otara markets three years ago and in a totally false imitation of the local vernacular delivered a broadside against " a greasy little fella in a Blue suit" in  a reference to the then PM.

Now another bastard lefty has morphed a pathetic little blog into a grander sounding The Daily Blog and signed up a veritable stable  of Lefty hacks from the last quarter century as contributors to give the reincarnation some gravitas.
However the main man remains Martyn 'Bomber' Bradbury from his origins at Tumeke ( English translation, 'Too Much') Blog.

There has been much denigration and  many insulting attacks on Slater for his Blog Whaleoilbeefhooked,  by righteous pricks who claim to be above the sarcastic, OTT language and what they see as unjustified posts.
In the lead bunch of manipulators and a fading light in disseminating alternate news is the aforementioned Bradbury who has been in hard left politics for years, was an adviser to the formation of the internet party, and never takes a step back when challenged or proved to be in error.
One such matter was exposed by Slater this morning when he published the "fact" that Martyn Bradbury of a redacted address but with sufficient reproduction of detail to prove the bastard was also enrolled to vote as Martin Bradbury.

To support his revelation Slater Published a photo Bradbury happily used for publicity when he early voted last week, but with the face of little miss  Bradbury obscured to ensure her privacy.

Now this is the response published by Bradbury on The Daily Blog:

By the way – leave my daughter out of your filth you stinking corrupt maggot sleaze ball.

Very nice Bradbury, your explanation doesn't answer any of the undoubted attempt to provide false information to the electoral commission, an offence that can carry gaol time.
You would have been equally derisive and condemning if a Nat supporter was caught out similarly.
You are a total cunt and many of your witterings prove the case beyond any doubt.
Many who follow the letter of the law around registering and casting their vote would not be at all surprised if multiple voting was intended and hiding in clear sight would fit your ghastly persona.

Note also, the Ballot Paper being used for nefarious purposes in clear breach of electoral law.

Cameron Slater is not alone in the list of those, more genteel people would rather not see involved in news and communications and I have published it here because it is almost a certainty it will receive little or no publicity accessible anywhere to the great majority of voters in spite of the independent audits of blog readership.


Psycho Milt said...

There is a nest of vipers residing at The Standard...

There is? I look forward to reading the conclusive evidence of this 'viperishness' you must have just momentarily forgotten to include in your post...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, doesn't one of them actually call himself 'viper'?

gravedodger said...

More than one akshully Adolf.
@ Milt There is Tautokoviper, Veutoviper and Colonialviper at present, how many was I short?

pdm said...

My late father in law used to say that a `viper' was the tail of Jews shirt. He did live in less politically correct times.

Anonymous said...

Slater fills more than a void. But that would be an ad hominum attack. Oh well.