Tuesday, September 30, 2014


(For those who don't know, Bunessan is the tune used for the hymn 'Morning Has Broken.'

Here's the contemporary version.

Caucus has spoken
Cunliffe is broken
Labours awoken
And pigs might fly

Leaderless Labour
Looks for a Saviour
For his behaviour
Robertson's toast


Rosalene Bradbury said...

I agree . And the corruption of Beethoven apart, the 'kick the man - or woman -when down' mentality' here disgusts me. Haven't we seen that dircted to politicians of all parties in recent years. Fact is the people of passing media opprobrium (with the exception of the frankly corrupt and that I still believe is rare) - have entered public service with the best of intentions for this country. That goes for everybody from Nick Smith to Winston Peters to Paula Bennett and Judith Collins to Don Brash, to David Cunliffe. Then there was that silly young bloke who insulted the waiter in ChCh, who was he again? Our politicians aren't perfect, and yes, power does go to their heads at times, and yes they do take shortcuts sometimes in their own personal interests (don't we all) and doing so SHOULD be exposed. I am not naive. But cruelty which is what this sort of song is, is horrible. One would have to have the hide of a rhinoceros to go into politics in this country.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Don't quite know where you get the Beethoven connection. Bunessan is a traditional Gaelic melody.

Maybe you are confusing Ode to Joy.

Anyway, you ain't seen nuthin' yet. Just wait till we release 'Oh Come All Ye Cunliffes."

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Oh and Rosalene, it is the party rather than the chap who is sorry for being a man which is being kicked.

pdm said...

Rosaline - you omit to mention the ditty about someone wanting to have sexual intercourse with John Key's daughter.

Selective in your distaste aren't you!

Rosalene Bradbury said...

Believe it or not I agree with all of those who so kindly commented on my commnent!
Adolf - I heard "Morning is Broken" behind your Conliffe doggerel.

Yeah,I did by oversight forget the ditty - no, my distaste perhaps is cupersillious (I hope not) but I am Catholic in my dislike of bullying actually.

pdm said...

mmmmmm Rosaline - some of the biggest bullies I have known have been Catholic.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Perhaps she means 'catholic' in the broader sense. That's how I read it, despite the capital C.