Thursday, September 18, 2014

Brainless New Zealanders

While brainless New Zealander screech inanities about 'mass surveillance' and 'metadata' the Aussies are using these tools for what they are meant to do.

Help catch really bad bastards.

It is worth repeating that the basic premise of the fundamentalist lefties is flawed.   They think mass surveillance is bad.

If our government has not been using mass surveillance to identify serious threats to our safety then it should change its ways and immediately get on with the job.


Jamie said...

Your full of it! Maybe if the government stopped inviting sh*tbergs into our country
and causing all this nonsense!
You trust the boys in the government with your privacy, i'll keep a suspicious mind.
As for Dotcom, I say hire a crook to catch a crook

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Illiterate Jamie

The word you're looking for is not 'your.'

Pray tell exactly who invited said shitberg into the country?

You'd be better hiring a cop to catch a crook.

Jamie said...

I was lucky I guess, invited by birth right into Gods Own. I can't help but feel a duty to to keep it that way for future generations.
Please accept my humblest apologies on my atrocious spelling and poor sentence construction.
I'm a simple old soldier(actually a young returned serviceman) and I meant no disrespect with my spelling and misuse/abuse/mongrel-isation of the English language.
HaHa Gotta Luv Ittt!!!

Anonymous said...
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Jamie said...

I'm unsure of ISIL operating here Anonymous. A chilling thought, no doubt.
All I know, this callsign will give as good as I get they come against me.

Shane Ponting said...

The problem I have with mass surveillance is the scenario depicted in "Enemy Of The State" (1998)

It's a form of power and can be abused.

JC said...

Shane, I hope you used the Pony Express to deliver this message because the Internet is totally compromised.

You are monitored for child sex porn and companies can develop a very accurate picture of you just from what do you on the Interwebbies.

The Govt is just another player in this grand game except it has to play by publicly known rules and if it goes outside them it can't use its knowledge without advertising its illegal tactics.

Yeah I know it isn't that simple but I think we vastly overestimate the risk of Govt snooping.. especially when an algorithm throws up a million "Kill John Key" thingees.. they would need hundreds of people to slavishly read each one and assess danger in a suitable time frame to stop a conspiracy. So they are going to use more sieves to narrow the possible threat down to addresses they really need to examine.

I would agree that a rogue Govt could hone in on political enemies but that would hardly amount to "mass surveillance".


Angry Tory said...

Here's an idea - why not use Mass Surveillance against the ecoterrorists and econoterrorist that are still doing real damage in NZ every day?

wipe our unions, labour & greens and we'll have far less to fear from any "really bad bastards" that might be out there.

With a majority National government under MMP, with 55% of Kiwis voting for Right parties, there'll probably never be a better opportunity to wipe out the left in my lifetime.