Sunday, September 21, 2014

Au Revior and stand down that soldier.

Keeping Stock / Inventory 2 posts his Last Hurrah
After nearly seven years on deck KS/Inv2 has called it a day an gone to honorable retirement.

He had served the Blogosphere  well as a must read and was outed from his anonymity by the slime-ball Hager in his now exposed as lethal for the wannabees, grenade,  as the launch pad for the chaos that was supposed to destroy Key and his government.

That the whole charade exploded in their bunker with heavy casualties was in no small part down to the quiet and considered part played by Keeping Stock among a very few.

Well done that soldier, enjoy whatever the future holds and for my part that will be having another three years of stable government largely free from the excesses that could have come from the Hydra.

Cheers and grateful  personal thanks, Murray.

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Ross said...

Agreed, Keeping Stock has been a quality blog.

A nice acknowledgement of what he has contributed