Sunday, September 14, 2014

Are we having fun yet?

John Key certainly doesn't seem to be.  After a couple of weeks of steadfastly claiming he neither knows, nor is accountable for, what his staff get up to, he's reduced to calling Glenn Greenwald "Dotcom's little henchman."

I realise that half the population is of below-average intelligence, but just how subnormal would you have to be, not to recognise that as cringe-worthily bad propaganda?  Greenwald has a much higher international profile than Dotcom, and certainly has a lot more international respect for his work.  He's spent more than a year taking the story of mass surveillance by 5-Eyes participants around the world.  The idea that he's Dotcom's "henchman" and is being "paid to make claims" damaging to Key is so ludicrous even at first glance that you can only assume Key's directing his comments at the nation's special-needs voters.

There is actually genuine cause for concern if Greenwald's claims are true.  In the last few weeks we've been offered clear evidence that NZ politicians who have access to intelligence services data will misuse it for political gain, and that cabinet ministers will release private information about suspected troublemakers to attack bloggers so they can be dipped in shit.  That's probably the tip of the iceberg.  All those who think the wholesale collection of citizen's communication metadata by the government is OK because terrorism should think again - preventing terrorism is the least of the uses our politicians would put that information to, and the current government has seen to it there's no credible oversight of what it does with intelligence data.


pdm said...

Milt - if Greenwald is such a paragon of virtue why is he slumming it with a criminal like DotCom? It seems to me he is of similar ilk and a man not to be trusted.

Why do these people continue to deal in stolen property?

The Veteran said...

Sorry Milt ... that interview saw the PM right at the top of his game and it was slam dunk to him. You are wrong, wrong, wrong. Crimdotcon is running this to distract from his pending extradition and muddy the waters. Cunliffe is doing himself no favours by climbing on board the 'wreckers' trainwreck.

Nothing too much has changed since H1 ran the show except that National had to tidy up their bungled legislation.

What is apparent is that there are forces at work whose agenda is to undermine our intelligence capability and you have to wonder what their agenda is and on whose side they are really on.

The world has moved on from the time a certain US Secretary of State said "gentlemen don't read other gentlemen's mail" ... and then came Pearl Harbour.

If I were an Islamist terrorist then NZL would be right up there in my thinking as a soft target and I would be welcoming the attempt by naive and stupid people to degrade our intelligence capability.

You may think that the Kraut and Hone are God's gift to NZL ... I suspect (thankfully) that many others don't. But the really sad thing is that Cunliffe and Norman are prepared to align themselves with those two and that sez much about their own integrity and their fitness for high office.

Psycho Milt said...

Wait - in what sense are you saying these people are trying to "degrade our intelligence capability?"

If the government has been telling the truth, Greenwald et al will have no effect on our intelligence capability whatsoever. So are you saying yes the government has been lying when it denies wholesale collection of NZers' communications metadata, and Greenwald's revelations might force them to stop that collection? If that's the case, degradation of our intelligence capability will be the least of John Key's worries...

The Veteran said...

Nah ... Mana - Yes; Internet - Yes; Greens - Yes. They're all looking to pull the plug on 'Five Eyes' in one way or another and Cunliffe, to his shame, has buckled and with an 'eye' to Walter Nash has declared himself neither for nor against.

I suspect H1 would have turfed him out of her Cabinet if he had dared to make such noises back when 'she' was supremo. But then Cunliffe ain't H1 or H2 but a wondering and wandering soul looking for a headline ... sad.

smttc said...

How's the weather on Planet Milt these days anyway?

Noel said...

Looking at the accessories, Snowdon and that strange Aussie hunkered down in an Embassy it's obvious this a setup to appeal to the conspiracy ilk. I suspect a lesser number here than in the US.
As for Snowden he released the names and addresses of intelligence analysis's around the world. My son said he was just glad the address and phone number listed as his were old ones but annoyed that he could be put a risk and Snowdon isn't been charged with treason.