Sunday, September 21, 2014

Another "Red Zone" Demolition Order?

As the fallout forms its signature cloud a derelict house of cards in the Red Zone is under threat.

Mr c wants to keep his toys and baubles after a reported rather abrupt exit from New Lynn HQ last night following his concession (or was that an oblique victory) speech.

Robertson the only other survivor of the three amigos is being cagey as is Shearer whose dumping triggered the first contest decided under the 40/40/20 debacle system designed to perpetrate a union "full nelson" as a part of future bouts.

Having delivered the worst result in nearly a century where he could not even gain a simple plurality of Party votes in his own long held electorate he wants to have another turn.
It is not your turn Davy boy it is about winners and losers and first loser does not warrant a first turn let alone another.
The prime mover in the destruction of the Labour party did gain a second bite and was successful but she scored nearly 30% before seeking a second chance, a figure that has been going down the gurgler since you booted Shearer who was enjoying mid thirties.
Your score in case you missed it was 24% or the other way round 76 in every hundred voters wanted your skinny arse kicked, , hard.


Psycho Milt said...

He can of course console himself with the thought that Bill English's record low of 22% for National remains unbeaten...

Ross said...

@Psycho Milt - very true of course, but as I explained to one of my sons last night - Bill English knows he will never lead National again, and has settled into a very strong supporting role, with no apparent aspiration to be leader again. The strength to the Leader/Deputy relationship, and the complimentary skills and styles is one of the real strengths that National beings to their leadership.

It seems that Mr Cunliffe has yet to work that our for himself

Angry Tory said...

In 2002 when National was at its low ebb, Labour could barely get over 40%.

This time around, National; is at 50% and 65% of voters voted for parties to the Right of Labour.

There really is no comparison. National rebuild to win government in just two terms. In another two terms, leftist politics in NZ should no longer exist as an electoral force.