Thursday, September 4, 2014

Another do the same and expect a different outcome.

 When will they ever learn?

The screaming idiots in the peoples republic are going  to rebuild QEll on the unstable land at Burwood.

I do not know how many Hectares of land is available west of the City on the gravels of the old Waimakariri fan but that decision is absolute insanity.

The people have gone, The Kate Shepherd rest home is munted, The drainage is compromised with raised stream beds and closing banks, is it really a retain CHCH East seat, the Mayors previous sinecure handed to spud Poto Williams.

An oldie but a goodie from the early days of "Operation Deep Freeze" when a crew of a C130 Hercules were asked by radio to move from the tarmac onto a grassed area at then Harewood Airport
"What is under that grass Paddleman" asked the Texas born pilot.
"80 feet of river stone" replied the Batman.
" suuum Jaaab said the pilot as he complied.

For fucks sake Liarnne it has already cost enough why not follow the people west and get onto the stable land to the west.

Rolleston town was close to the First quake and came through well. QEll was in the gun for the second big one and was destroyed.

Lancaster Park is in the same boat, I understand there are issues going down many meters under that icon, The Town Hall is on the Banks of the Avon just a few hundred meters upstream from  the PGC building that collapsed and killed people.

Those that ignore the lessons of history are bound to repeat it.


Bureaucrats are refusing building consents on the Port Hills that have stood firm with a few boulders moved in the quakes yet the idjits want to rebuild a complex on the shifting sands of Burwood.
Jesus wept the freakin Deans brothers even went Kilometers west of the old CBD seeking security of land stability nearly 200 years ago

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