Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Rogue's Gallery With No Shame.

Number one loser has to be Herr Schmitz, possibly 5 million for nothing, another 5 million offered as a bribe to find nonexistent crap to make his Moment of Truth viable. I hope whoever created "The Email" got paid more than the minimum although it was pretty minimal really

Further foreigners trying to corrupt our Democratic institutions, Assange, Snowdon, Greenwald and Amsterdam coming in second losers can just head back to their stinking hovels and vegetate.
Add in our homegrown albeit equally compromised Harre, Corkery, Sykes, Minto and Harawira all seduced by a pile of dubious dosh with the departed Sue Bradford a beacon of probity who alone among them could see the looming disaster.

Third place goes to a totally castrated and inept Media who apart from epiphiniac  moments from a few, plus  a rather more focused effort from Leighton Smith, Shawn Plunket,  Hosking with moments from Larry Williams were in the main, the pits.

Fairfax and The Herald were possibly the biggest disappointment. They fastened onto Hagar's Saga and then the promise of the Dot Bomb scheduled for the 15th and totally denied oxygen to policy and promotion of all the candidates for the entire campaign period. Led by  Fisher, Vance, in the van of a cavalcade of mediocrity
State TV and Government sponsored via favorable credit terms TV3, were in a word woeful and a total let down for any remnants of democratic process. Corrin Dann, John Campbell, Bazza until the warts were the only things visible, Paddy Gower, Lisa Owen, Katie Bradford, prostituted
The subservient efforts to promote the charade that Schmitz wasted his illgotten gains on in a vain attempt to Buy NZInc. among so many of the trained and skilled, was nauseating.

Rachel Smally's efforts at dawn incensed me to a point of protest to her sponsors KPMG over her anti semetic tirades targeting Netenyahu trying to suppress the swarms of rockets.
I must not have been alone, as the rubbish seemed to end.
A totally discredited Journalist  with the rest of her attempt to replace news and investigation with her opinions, as if they had value.
Newstalk ZB news efforts were so biased and pathetically aimed as to be a waste of oxygen.

Hopefully The sartorially splendid dwarf of St Mary's Bay will do his Brigadoon thing and slide back into irrelevance for 30 months, or hopefully for all time.
Hadfield will regroup and his disfunctional Whanau will make their next play at Waitangi next February.
Cunliffe will have the batten dragged from his cold dead fingers,   probably by David Shearer who will have the monumental task of trying to build a credible NZLP from the ashes.

Bryan Bruce could work on a documentary on the conflagration that has enveloped the  Clark and Cullen legacy where Nash, Davis, O'Connor and Clarke might wrest the decaying rump from Kelly Little and Co.
McCarten can slide back into his Primeval Swamp with Bradbury and the other anachronistic irrelevancies from last century.
Nigel Latta can revert to investigating and portraying the real NZ. a talent very evident but his efforts to be the focus of State TV in  making a play, under funding from NZ on Air to create political capital, just more seeds strewn on barren ground.
Norman and Turei can revert to the Lobby group the Party they hijacked always were.

Bestest of all  the Fat Fuck from Coatsville can move to Leavenworth where his connectivity will be more man to man, sort of personal if you like.

The greatest news from an extraordinary night was the resilience, probity and common sense of the entire electorate producing that result in the face of the most chaotic and manipulated campaign in my 18 General Elections.
Dirty Politics, yes aplenty but absolutely nothing new just a whole lot more visible and selectively promoted as being all about one side.
To those who still think it was all about Slater, Ede and Co, total bollocks The Standard and The Daily Blog were in it up to their navels, just nobody said so.

Player of the week Tony Abbott whose intervention with the Terror threat made the incoherent ramblings of Dot Crim's masterstroke drown quietly in the murky waters.
Player of the Day John Key for winning the trophy.


Anonymous said...

Well said

B Whitehead

Angry Tory said...

Bryan Bruce could work on a documentary on the conflagration that has enveloped the Clark and Cullen legacy

Well that's what Clark said to Key when she conceded and resigned as Labour leader: "please don't have a right-wing bonfire". And in spite of increasingly shrill unhinged leftist whinging - we haven't*.

That "right wing bonfire" long overdue!

welfare; health; education; state radio & tv; railways; WFF; taxes;

if we're not going to light the bonfire now, we're never going to do it!

*OK, borrowing sixty billion dollars is sixty billion more than Clark & Cullen borrowed. Easy to have a rockstar economy when the government is borrowing its entire welfare spend every year!

Paying that back will cost me and my siblings roughly a million dollars. Probably cost you the same.

Psycho Milt said...

To those who still think it was all about Slater, Ede and Co, total bollocks The Standard and The Daily Blog were in it up to their navels, just nobody said so.

Nobody said so because there wasn't the slightest basis for saying so. As with the previous time you peddled this bullshit, I'm inviting you to present even some single, sorry shred of evidence for it.

Angry Tory said...

It's certainly about Slater.

like it or not: Whaleoil is mainstream NZ.

And Whale will never ever tolerate anything like a Labour government again in NZ - hey last two terms have been far to left for him!

gravedodger said...

Milt the evidence you would wish me to give you is not within my reach because I have no access to the private emails of Greg Presland, Lyn Prentice, Clint Smith, or any of the others in the stable that produce the sometimes vitriolic posts and the even more seriously deranged comments that create the content of "The Standard".
Should someone as unscrupulous as those who hacked Slater's hardware, steal content from the private correspondence of the above or those at the heart of TDB and give data to me I am certain it would be equally revealing of the dark arts of the other side.
Hell the whole setup called the "war room" in the previous Caucus room of the NZLP in clear extension of the confused separation of re-election activity from Parliamentary services funded political communication functions has the three named above at the nerve center of that rort under the direction of Matt McCarten.

You know I have no hard evidence for my opinions but that does not of it's self invalidate them.
Have a great day