Tuesday, September 30, 2014


(For those who don't know, Bunessan is the tune used for the hymn 'Morning Has Broken.'

Here's the contemporary version.

Caucus has spoken
Cunliffe is broken
Labours awoken
And pigs might fly

Leaderless Labour
Looks for a Saviour
For his behaviour
Robertson's toast

The Glass Aint Half Full It's Overflowing!

As Prime Minister Key creates his coalition in the spirit of MMP, the appointment of David Seymour as an under secretary  is coming under fire from the almost evaporated puddle of journalism fueled by the disgruntled political losers.

Seymour is educated with talent sufficient to earn the Epsom nomination for ACT and it is not beyond belief he could have won in a straight shootout following a significant effort over many months.
Compare his creds to any of the rabble who but for some real intelligence on the part of a majority of voters had joined the Dwarf in a role as "kingmakers".

Jim Anderton plied us with a rort over years as a party leader of a party essentially of one megalomaniac.

Why is it so bad for Seymour to be allowed to enjoy the benefits endowed by the massively stupid MMP system.
He has to be several notches above Dennis O'Corner Section O'Rourke who has been troughing for years first as a Republic Of Christchurch presidium apparatchik, then appointed to sinecure positions on the trading arms and now coat tailing into parliament on the Dwarfs splendid garments.
His Tenant is only a mate, yeah right, animal lovers know about mating eh.  

ACT is a coalition partner in the current administration and as we are saddled with MMP Key has been astute in giving Seymour responsibilities around education and a great learning opportunity to prove himself.
Dont blame me I have never and never will support MMP as it is inherently flawed in awarding a much to high a loading to minor parties.

Anyone obsessing about cost of government should as a minimum imo advocate for a return to electorate only with STV if necessary and a parliament of 60, no race based seats and every member elected by an eventual simple majority after the lowest polling candidates votes redistributed until the magic 50% is reached.

Nah The Real David Cunliffe Is A Myth.

Churchill describing Stalin's Russia used the phrase;
"Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."

That would be very kind to a man daily playing a role on the NZ political stage at present.

Variously described as yeah nah, tailoring his remarks to a specific audience as in the now famous "Greasy fella in the Blue Suit" address in pseudo Bro talk from atop the Mana campaign bus at the Otara Markets, his OTT bravado on winning the "primary and the garrulous "you Betcha as a response to a query on raising tax rates for the better off,  having an innate talent to talk from both sides of his gob at the same time, he reached into his bag of tricks this morning on Newstalkzb with another display of total disconnect from reality.
Susan Wood in for a vacationing Mike Hosking was looking for the man who having undertaken to resign following todays Caucus only with a promise to stand again, to explain why he was continuing to pursue the leadership.

Unbelievable was my response to answers to some very basic and proper questions.

Across the Tasman in the West Isle a person often accused of being a nacissistic personality disordered soul almost wrecked the ALP, the only facet that saved that old party was a very strong union grip,  something very much weaker here except for the demented souls in denial as to union relevance and power in NZ c2014.

Mr c just has no ears for what around ninety something percent can see clearly.
He "Ruddcliffe" is not merely at the end of a rope, he is a dead and rotting carcase.

In my childhood we had a descriptive for anyone who was following a lone path in a situation and it was in the form of an anecdote of a proud Mum watching her pride and joy on his first street march with his highland regiment;  "Ooch ther's ma wee Geordie an ees the only one in step".
Says it all really.

Monday, September 29, 2014


So Cunliffe wants Robertson for deputy?

The poofter coward whose only political achievement has been to undermine three leaders while he was deputy?

Including Cunliffe?

While on things domestic.

Alas The Duvauchelle Show is months away

The Cook Is Bellyaching

Yaaa yaaa yaaaa.   Yadda yadda yadda.

It's all Adolf's fault.

Adolf is early to bed and early to rise, while The Cook watches junk on TV until ten o'clock or later and as a result is very slow off the mark in the mornings.

Apparently a spider was spotted crossing the floor last night and The Cook leapt up, grabbed the aerosol from the pantry cupboard and gave the poor arachnid what for.  It just would not die, so she gave it some more.  Then she realised she was spraying it with canola oil.


Fricasseed spider, no less.


This post from a David Cunliffe supporter over at the 'Stranded'.   Not just infighting .... it's blood on the floor ritual disemboweling for anyone daring to question Cunliffe's God given right to rule.  

DC supporters – PLEASE JOIN THE PARTY TODAY TO ENSURE YOU GET A VOTE IN THE LEADERSHIP CONTEST! The Labour Caucus needs to be purged of the destructive ABC Caucus, which does not represent the interests or social democratic left-wing values of the ordinary Kiwis who voted for Labour, nor the 900,000 non-voters. We have an incredible opportunity now to get the public to get to know David better over the next three years. If we don’t get DC reinstated, Labour is destined to fail spectacularly in 2017, and Greens will become the biggest opposition party.  Everyone can say what they like about Jacinda Adern, but she’s not ready yet. David Shearer and Grant Robertson are too right-wing and come across as Wellington bureaucrats, and they don’t have the firepower, grassroots support base, social vision for NZ or debating skills to take on FJK.

Got one thing right though .... "Labour is destined to fail spectacularly in 2017".    Out of the mouths of babes etc.

Just the Job For Wuss?

The xxxx ex (?) communist, did his doctoral study on The Alliance Party of Aotearoa.

Following the almost total involvement of some of the ex power players in an event in our recent political history that crashed and burned on September 20th is it an opportunity for Dr Norman to do further study as a post doctoral effort.

Lila Harre and Pam Corkery were at the head of Herr Schmitz's phantom legion that were potentially going to head up a political movement to open the internet party up for wider use by all, with the harnessing of the many younger people who live within that city's walls. A part of empowering the "Missing Million" if you like. Tui Bilboard right there.

Within the same time frame another very key component of now sleeping? entity,  The Alliance, was embedded at the very heart of the now spectacularly failed elevation of The Messiah in the person of one David Cunliffe, as his tax payer funded Chief of Staff.
The reality was McCarten was the CEO of the elect David Cunliffe committee and should have been the funding responsibility of The NZLP.
One of the master of the dark arts first organisational efforts was centered on the creation of  "The War Room" and in the process, evicting the Labour Caucus from their Parliamentary Services provided meeting room to a broom cupboard elswhere and employing all the Parliamentary provided services and functions to aid the election campaign. In the process further stretching the very real and proper separation of funding MPs to work for their electorate, from party political activity around elections.
Incumbency has since for ever, created a significant advantage for sitting MPs and for a glaring example we only have to revisit the rort around manipulating the Green Party's chosen male co leader in the wake of Rod Donald's untimely death, to sitting list mp over the legitimate candidates Delahunty and Mike Ward. The latter with his remnant sense of fair play and basic decency declined to participate but was won over when the cause was promoted as the "greater good".
No "dirty politics" there for sure, it is the socialists so it's ok.

In recent days the Troughmaster General now impotent and decommissioned, moored in his country estate, has been sought out by the ever lazy MSM to pontificate on the contretemps around the NZLP leadership. As if an historic destroyer in his own megalomaniac way, of the once great party of the left as a broad church outfit that he felt compelled to break from, in a schism, the greatest since John A Lee remonstrated publicly against the failure to address the failing powers of an ailing Micky Savage. An event that ultimately  led to Lee's expulsion from his party.

So much of the very deep and destructive problems surrounding the NZLP and currently highlighted by the abject failings of one David Cunliffe have the ever sticky fingers of many at the heart of The Alliance Party present and it is a fertile ground for further study.

So Wussel Old comrade hows about giving it some oxygen, after all you have bugger all else to do for the next 30 months, more than enough time methinks.
Make it a book,  has Craig Potten got much on at present?

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Regular readers of my blog will know that I am proud to count Judith Collins as a close friend.    What she achieved for the Vietnam veteran community will never be forgotten by the Vietnam veteran family.

Collins is an effective politician that those on the 'Left' love to hate.   Understandable and that is why those who inhabit the dark side of politics wet themselves when she took a hit for the 'Team Key' and resigned as a Minister against the background of stolen e-mails and supposed comments made by her regarding sometime SFO head Adam Feeley.

Certainly Cameron Slater did Collins no favors in referring to conversations he may or may not have had with her.    Ministers can and do talk off the record; always have and will continue to do.  But I know for a fact from the many dealings I had with her office just how circumspect she was in treating matters for which she had ministerial responsibility.   Further, it is a matter of  record that Slater has acknowledged how he 'embellished' the private conversations he had with the Minister in writing those e-mails and in promoting his own agendas.  

And now the truth is starting to emerge.    It transpires that Collins had no input into the State Services Commission investigation into Feeley.   You can read the report here   Somewhat strange for someone who (according to Slater) was supposedly 'gunning' for Feeley and about as strange as Collins giving him high marks in his annual performance report.

I look forward to Judith's exoneration and return to Cabinet.   New Zealand needs her with the added advantage that it will really 'piss' the Left off.  

Killing A Death Cult - Updated

(This will get the bleeding heart liberals going.)

During the last two weeks in Australia, home grown Muslim terrorists were thwarted from making a truck bomb attack on Federal Parliament and from carrying out a public beheading of a non-muslim in Sydney's Martin Place.  Just two days ago it was reported that 'men of middle eastern appearance' have been making uninviting calls on the homes of Australian servicemen serving overseas.

There actually is a war going on right now.  In Sydney's and Melbourne's suburbs.

Australia, along with the US and most Western European countries, finds itself with a serious problem on its hand.  Unreconstructed radical fundamentalist Islamic fanatics, born in Australia.   

Apologists for Islam fail to admit that Islam is not just a religion of hatred - it is inextricably linked to a barbaric legal system called Sharia.  In other words, the church is the state.

Australian PM Tony Abbot rightly has labelled Islam as a ‘Death Cult.

Thanks to all the surveillance techniques and police powers about which lunatic NZ leftists have been railing for the last few weeks, a horrific terrorist attack in Sydney’s CBD has been thwarted.   Unlike earlier imported conflicts (Serb v Croat) the children of Islamic immigrants are perpetuating and inflaming their homeland hatreds.  

The question on many people’s minds is no longer ‘how did it come to this’ but ‘how do we get rid of this plague?’  The answer is ‘with considerable difficulty.’ 

It took Spain 700 years to evict the Moors who essentially did exactly what their latter-day colleagues have done.  Immigrated to western countries and gradually took over sectors of each country, introducing sharia law and Islam’s entrenched subjugation of women, abuse of children and murder of non-Muslims.  It took a successful military campaign against the Islamic enclaves after which the vanquished were offered the choice of converting to Christianity, leaving the country or execution.

Adolf believes the Spanish experience shows Australia a path forward.

  • ·        A first step might be a very public declaration by Federal Parliament that Australia is a       ‘Sharia Free Zone’
  • ·        Halt all immigration from Muslim countries.
  • ·        Arrest and deport anyone found to be ‘radicalising’ young men.
  • ·        Close down all mosques
  • ·        Declare Islam to be a proscribed ‘religion.’  It is a barbaric form of government masquerading as a religion.
  • ·        Offer adherents the choice of publicly renouncing Islam, deportation or internment.
  • ·        Establish internment camps in remote locations with men held in camps far distant from those for women and children.
  • ·        Reintroduce capital punishment by firing squad for those convicted of terrorist acts on Australian soil.

If the above measures were implemented, the problem would be over in less than ten years rather than seven hundred.

It is a clusterf^*k, pure and simple.

As the fallout from the NZLP's worst electoral result in over 90 years, a result achieved by the then embryonic party coming to grips with its recent amalgamations of several socialist groups under the leadership of Henry Holland as opposed to the 2014 patient in intensive care and close to death, just rolls on to the abyss, popcorn supplies  threatened theater promised.

David Cunliffe, the messianic leader, elevated just 370 days before the Saturday night massacre, with much red paint symbolism and under the shadow in the form of a framed picture of Michael Joseph Savage, and only memorable for his you betcha reply to taxing rich pricks, well folks that was the high point.
Inheriting a party polling in the mid thirties he, single handedly in just over twelve months turned a party with a faint hope of victory into a train wreck gaining in the one poll that matters a lowly 24%.
Now he claims he is ready, equipped and capable of the Resurrection???
Biblical eh, perhaps he is channeling his late Padre Pater.

Among the total dross that his supporters are claiming as support for "another its my turn John you have had yours",  is an ongoing premise that "he won the debates".
 I call bollocks there, he didn't lose as in "show me the money" however he came bloody close with his CGT mumble fu^k moment when Key asked if his house owned by a family trust would incur the useless impost. I mean four years in the womb and the main architect couldn't answer a basic plank question. Surely the houses outside the proposed exempted family homes are going to be held by trusts and a significant proportion of the target.
If shouting, bullying and talking over is considered a win then ok but Key didn't stumble or shout or go into committee at every advert break with his multiple advisers so where any sane observer watching what was transmitted could adjudicate a winner is a mystery to me and I did a bit of competitive  debate  in earlier days.

My assessment is, in a desert a drop of dew on a canvas is something to treasure but in the oh so shallow puddle of talent to be considered the best of the available is not a solution.
I would consider an interim leader, say King or one of the other  past use by dated options while things settle and then have another look, at least that would seem more pragmatic and a whole lot less damaging than a ritual blood letting over the months until the xmas break.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Cunliffe Dilemma....


The United Kingdom has just voted to join the United States, France and several Arab States in contributing air assets to help assist the regimes in Iraq and Syria in their fight against ISIS.   Australia is poised to join them.

In debating the issue I want to focus solely on the question of military force.   It is for others to argue whether or not ISIS is sufficiently evil so as to justify intervention by outside powers (although, for the record, I am in favor of limited air strikes).

Conventional wisdom would have it that air power alone can never win a war by itself ... that at some point it has to be augmented by (foreign) 'boots on the ground'.   With respect I disagree.    It would be madness for the 'West' to be involved in another ground war in that region no matter the reason.

The end game has to be for air power to degrade ISIS military capability so completely that Iraqi and Syrian government ground forces can finish the job.    Coalition air power can help set the scene for a ground solution.   That's where it stops, that's where it has to stop ... end of story.

It follows logically that as NZL has no air strike capability then our contribution must be limited to providing ongoing diplomatic support for the coalition initiative.   That's the reality ... sad but true.

Sorry Errol You Need To Raise Your Profile!

Errol Reginald Standeven was convicted of taking Photos in a public space, Hagley Park  and a couple of amateur Judge John Jeffries convicted him and fined him $600.

In the wake of Hager publishing stolen data in a fruitless, as it turned out, attempt to influence a general election and make some dosh on the side, nothing from the constabulary.

Errol was taking pics "of females tits and bums" not publishing them, not trying to change society, just because it was a hobby!

Now I guess as it was two pretend members of the judiciary quaintly called Justices of the Peace I wonder what rights of appeal Errol might have, as on the published facts it seems a bit like shooting Admiral Byng to Moi.
Sort of over the top if you will.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Who Cares?

 The reef fish are hungry and the food is scarce.

While the vacuum following the climactic events leading to 9/20 or 20/9  exists, the reef fish will circle anything at all in search of relevance, their only food source.

Somewhat dominating is the run of the mill blood letting that was inevitable after Cunliffe delivered the worst electoral result for the once triumphant NZLP in nearly a century.

The struggling newly merged from factions party, in the aftermath of WW1 was always competing with the Liberals in the shadow of the Communist uprising and over throw of the Tsar. A shadow that was as bloody and brutal as any transition from an autocracy to democracy could be and many of those involved in the embryonic NZLP were communists pure and simple.

This week as Cunliffe slowly bleeds out from the thousand cuts and then the mortal wounds suffered on Saturday, attention turns to who next to attempt the Resurrection.

There will need to be a party deputy but suggesting anyone gaining that perhaps thankless role must be measured as a possible deputy Prime Minister as many of the starving would opine, is arrant nonsense.
The deputy leader of a minor party and that is what the NZLP is facing, has almost zero chance of becoming DPM.
Hell that office in Australia at present is the leader of the coalition partner the National Party one Warren Truss while Abbotts deputy leader of the Libs Julie Bishop is bypassed. That from a two party solid coalition.
With the hydra needed to challenge Key,  having Peters, Norman, Turei, all seeking the exaulted place  and as Winston often reminds us "He is an ex Deputy PM",
H1 had several in her 9 years Peters, Cullen, and Anderton all at various times in the role. with two of them ostensibly minor party leaders

So Take a step back fishes, whoever gets the top dog role at Labour, they have a greater chance of interim than  permanent and it follows that any deputy while possibly rising to lead sometime in future depending how things unfold, has no more than a snowballs chance in hell of the office of DPM to be considered.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Life goes on and the media remains tits.

The missing Million.
Totally irrelevant, can any sane person actually explain what difference they would have made and why they would not follow close to the same proportions as those who did vote, expressed.
Isn't that the way Polls work so why not the only poll that matters.

The extreme lengths that the Number One Manipulator went to to make a difference.
Real proof that big money cant buy elections because of the simple fact that voters have brains.
It might have worked had there been no internet that was impossible to silence.
Outcome a heap of money spent, hopefully a nice dump of GST,  Hadfield destroyed and finally a silence of the twits tweeting.

The incompetent MSM.
Totally enthralled by a high profile puppeteer seducing almost all of the tyro operators insufficiently talented to understand how they were being used with the best of them having decamped to more lucrative and user friendly working conditions as Publicity Officers.

The cast of candidates, mostly buried under the daily truckloads of compost generated by the puppeteer with his machinations and the now significantly discounted Hagar Saga, that starved candidates and voters of the oxygen needed for the process to operate.

Where to now, well remove the political entrail studying and yesterdays Plunket on 9 to noon on radio live was a graphic display of the  vacuum of desperation.
He spent almost the whole three hours trying to create a major news story from the OIA exposed paper that suggested the remnant Labour Dept now called Worksafe NZ had opinionated it was now safe to enter the drift of Pike River Mine to ascertain if any bodies could be retrieved.
That did not include the areas where the bodies are most likely to be.
Resorting to feigned anger, frustration and hyperbole he failed as those who will make the move to re-enter the mine will be first against the wall should another disaster eventuate.
Because you wish it does not make it so.

Likewise the chorus of advisers with equally inane opinions around the NZLP problems and a possible resolution.
The first requirement to deal with a train wreck is heavy lifting equipment to safely move the wreckage and with King, Mallard, Goff, Cosgrove, Shearer, Mahuta, Moroney, Parker piled up with Cunliffe it is going to take time.
Sheesh one deluded soul was claiming Helen Clark is a possible solution, must have been a  monumentally stupid question.
The War Room used The History Lecturer to coach Mr c for the debates, how did that work out? It just nourished his narcissistic personality and exposed a less agreeable apology

In the interum Peters goes back to sleep for 30 months, Slaters Blog continues on its enhanced merry way as does Farrer's.
The Standard and The Daily Blog look inward, reflect and lick their wounds.

The most popular Prime minister in almost 80 years just turns up to work and gets on with real  things and the inept media continue their headlong plunge to irrelevance.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Break Up Of Labour

Here's an Adolfian prediction.

A dozen or so of the saner labour MPs resign from the party and declare themselves to be independent.

They form a new party, whose policies are aimed fair and square at Waitakere Man.  Initial funding is provided by a $5k donation from each MP. The new party has three years in which to gear up for the next election, without being hamstrung by unions, homosexuals, man bans, and other PC paraphernalia.

They gain some 35% of the party vote and become the opposition party.

The Greens decline and only just reach 5%.

National wins the eletion and makes an arrangement with the Maori Party and ACT.


Not too many commentators have picked up the significance of what happened yesterday with the election of two 'new' Labour Whips ... I guess it took second place to the mayhem surrounding Cunliffe and the gag orders and the subsequent breaking ranks by Shearer and Goff.

Never mind the crap about caucus (any caucus)  deciding on who the Whips are going to be.    The are the Leaders 'eyes and ears' and he has to have total confidence in them.   The reality is that in National and Labour and I suspect Winston First (not sure about the Greens) the Leader telegraphs his preferences and the caucus rubber stamps the appointments.

Not so yesterday.   Moroney and Lees-Galloway (Cunliffe loyalists) resign/dumped to be replaced by Hipkins and Sepulini.    The real fascinating thing is that Hipkins had previously been the Whip up until when he was dumped by Cunliffe following his election.   Hipkins is a paid up member of the ABCs; Sepulini I'm not sure about.

Whatever, Cunliffe has lost control of his caucus and that is why, no matter how the leadership battle plays out, he is a 'Dead Man Walking'.

p.s.   Moroney takes a $40k hit in salary; Lees-Galloway $15k.   Couldn't happen to two 'nicer' people.

Nat Rad interviews a drunk

I had Radio NZ National going on the way to work this morning and heard them interviewing ex-Labour cabinet minister Dover Samuels about the current state of the Labour Party.  I can't say I have a great deal of time for Mr Samuels even in the best of circumstances, but after a couple of minutes of hearing his opinions I found myself shouting at the windscreen "How did you ever get elected, you rambling, incoherent fuck?!"

I guess it's no surprise Samuels sounds like one of those angry, irrational old codgers you occasionally run into at the pub, because I suspect he is one.  Still, I did appreciate one thing he came out with - he says he didn't abandon the Labour Party, the Labour Party abandoned him.  Given his role in the appalling Bill Liu affair, I fervently hope it's true the Labour Party abandoned him, in fact I hope it dropped him like a fucking hot potato.  National has got corrupt dealings with dodgy Chinese businessmen covered, we don't need Labour doing it as well.

Monday, September 22, 2014

A bit late for this

Re Adolf's post below.

My immediate thought reading the article was this: It's a bit late asking for scrutiny on list candidates AFTER the results have come in.
Under MMP the public needs to have the maximum amount of information about candidates on the party list." 
He said the media and parties had failed to give the public as much information as was needed about candidates on the party list. 
"This is lead to all sorts of surprises when minor parties like NZ First bring in large numbers of MPs. Quite often we haven't heard of them until their eccentricities are launched onto the public stage.
Of course.  But complaining about this on September 22 is a bit like saying the washing might get wet after watching the rain piss down and down upon it.

Another David Fisher Beat Up

I thought by now the herald would have fired the incompetent and corrupt David Fisher.

Apparently not.

For once I agree with Winston Peters.  His candidate is a public servant.  That's what he does for a living.   Serves the public.

Otago university political scientist Dr Bryce Edwards said it was "bizarre" any candidate or MP would not tell voters what they did for a living.

"Under MMP the public needs to have the maximum amount of information about candidates on the party list."

Bryce Edwards is a fool.


But I were John Key and in negotiating supply and confidence agreements with National's erstwhile allies I would .....

Offer ACT's David Seymour the Chair of a Select Committee.   Seymour needs time to learn the mores of Parliament before being exposed to scrutiny as a Minister outside Cabinet.   He also needs time and space to help rebuild ACTs brand if that Party is to survive long term.    Mid term promotion maybe.

United Future has no future post Peter Dunne who blotted his copybook with his rush of blood to wherever.   I suspect this is his final term.  A reasonably competent Minister but offering him a portfolio and you are denying one of your own up-and-comers the opportunity to make his/her mark. Appoint him the Deputy Speaker.   No noses out of joint (except perhaps his and no matter) with Eric Roy retired.

If you are going to bring the Maori Party into the fold (and I think you should) then Te Ururoa Flavell deserves a ministerial warrant.    He is hard working and capable.     I judge him as a safe pair of hands.    

Don't bother reaching out to Winston First.   That man is trouble.   There are elements in his caucus worth cultivating with an eye to Winston's retirement but I'm not sure he ever will of his own accord and it's a moot point whether the Party will survive without him.   The election of Ron Mark may change that dynamic but I suspect Tracy Martin has her eyes on the main chance.

More Lies From Hagar

Adolf is reliably informed he features (just once) in Hagar's infamous tissue of lies, "Dirty Politics."

Apparently some years ago I attended a 'meeting' at the Wildfire restaurant in downtown Auckland at which were gathered all the villians of the Right.   It was organised by Cameron Slater.

Included in Hagar's list of attendees were Nick Kearney and Cathy Odgers.  I can attest to the fact they were not there.  I can also advise dear readers this so-called 'meeting' in fact was a social luncheon at which roughly a dozen or so people sat at a long table.  There was no chairman, no agenda, no business discussed.  It was an enjoyable affair during which I met one or two people for the first time and had pleasant conversations with the person to my right,  the person to my left and the person opposite.

That's it.  A pleasant end enjoyable event but not by any stretch a 'meeting.'  Thanks Cameron.

If we had consumed sardine sandwiches,  Hagar would have alleged we guzzled caviar all day.


Great news for all those who had the sense to invest in Mighty River Power shares.   The past 18 months has seen them mired at between 20 and 30 cents below what we paid for them thanks entirely to the economic sabotage carried out by Labour, the Greens and Winston First.

No matter to them that their antics saw less raised from the float that might have been expected.    No matter to them that the loser was New Zealand.    No matter that the uncertainty generated by them saw the shares fall to well below their par value.

And now, 90 minutes into trading, their value has increased by over 8% jumping to $2.61.  Brilliant.   New Zealand has spoken and nationalisation of the industry is now off the agenda.    Should never have been there.      

That's Good Whiney, in fact very good!!!

Last night on State TV Infotainment I caught a whiff of wisdom from the venal little scroat who has again emerged from his cave to become a part of the debating chamber decor.

"We are the only opposition party with experience" ROTFLMTO

Well lets do a bit of scrutiny for interest only of course.

1 Rt Hon Winston Peters
2 Tracey Martin
3 Richard Prosser
4 Fletcher Tabuteau
5 Barbara Stewart
6 Clayton Mitchell
7 Denis O’Rourke
8 Pita Paraone
9 Ron Mark
10 Darroch Ball

Whiney, well experience in spades but when judged on results, much turmoil, unproductive effort and failure to complete any work under the warrants handed to him. A record of experience involving obfuscation and avoidance of revealing facts around funding. Further experience around high candidate turnover in all the WF  lists since the beginning of MMP.
Having brought around three dozen to the legislature since the heady days when he had 14 mps in 1996 the expulsions and departures are more notable than the retentions.
Only the godfather himself and returning from the Carterton Wilderness, Ron Mark have survived.

Experience!!! of the last bunch from 2011: The entertainer Nasty Lolly Taylor was lowered to a place on the list that Resurrection was beyond the good lord hisself and Andrew "widddler" Williams also demoted to where he tossed his toys and he now has a legal challenge in the courts.
Richard Prosser from Wogistan, Dennis Corner Section with two letter boxes O'Rourke with the now darkened hair, Pita Paarone from the annals of history, a couple of forgettable sheilas for balance and three newbies does not experience make.
More like chaotic monday morning assembly line vehicles and we all know how they turn out.

However a dysfunctional media with a penchant for confusing entertainment for news will continue to bring the Oxygen bottle to the decrepit old hasbeen as it is guaranteed copy that will satisfy an equally dysfunctional management as the media continues its freefall to irrelevance.

We no longer have "That Was The Week That Was" but that effort was right up there Whiney.
Where was Johnnie Walker on that latest list, hope he has not fallen from favour as well, now that is experience lost, just ask Jim Bolger.

There Are Some Very Strange People Out There.

If Helen Becker exists and a full AOS deployment should occur with her shattered front door lying splintered and herself being bundled into a police car, would it be seen as an OTT reaction.

Stupid stupid stupid.

Hat tip Whale oil

Dirty politics gets a voter mandate

Well, here's an ugly three years coming up.  Labour aren't yet fit to govern again, so them getting to form a government would have been a disaster.  Which meant National gets a third term, which will also be a disaster.

Why a disaster?

1. Well, it's not like giving a NZ government a third term tends to work out well, is it?  Muldoon 1981-84, Bolger/Shipley 1996-1999, Clark 2005-2008 - none of them covered themselves in glory.  The incumbents are well into the 'hubris' stage of tragedy by the time they get their third term.

2. The current government has recently been shown to have corrupt ministers, to have presided over misuse of the security/intelligence services, and to have been running a 'two-track' PR system in which ministers or their staff feed information to attack bloggers so they can carry out smear campaigns against people who stand up them.  The voters of NZ effectively just endorsed this behaviour and gave it a mandate to continue.

3. This corrupt, hubris-laden crowd of smear campaigners just got a majority in the House, so can govern without consultation with anyone else (their sock puppets ACT and United Future don't count as 'someone else').  For the last six years we've seen National maintain the bulk of Labour's programme and offer only a limited National programme of running the country for the wealthy at the expense of the people who actually do the work.  I expect that will change now.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Another "Red Zone" Demolition Order?

As the fallout forms its signature cloud a derelict house of cards in the Red Zone is under threat.

Mr c wants to keep his toys and baubles after a reported rather abrupt exit from New Lynn HQ last night following his concession (or was that an oblique victory) speech.

Robertson the only other survivor of the three amigos is being cagey as is Shearer whose dumping triggered the first contest decided under the 40/40/20 debacle system designed to perpetrate a union "full nelson" as a part of future bouts.

Having delivered the worst result in nearly a century where he could not even gain a simple plurality of Party votes in his own long held electorate he wants to have another turn.
It is not your turn Davy boy it is about winners and losers and first loser does not warrant a first turn let alone another.
The prime mover in the destruction of the Labour party did gain a second bite and was successful but she scored nearly 30% before seeking a second chance, a figure that has been going down the gurgler since you booted Shearer who was enjoying mid thirties.
Your score in case you missed it was 24% or the other way round 76 in every hundred voters wanted your skinny arse kicked, , hard.

Au Revior and stand down that soldier.

Keeping Stock / Inventory 2 posts his Last Hurrah
After nearly seven years on deck KS/Inv2 has called it a day an gone to honorable retirement.

He had served the Blogosphere  well as a must read and was outed from his anonymity by the slime-ball Hager in his now exposed as lethal for the wannabees, grenade,  as the launch pad for the chaos that was supposed to destroy Key and his government.

That the whole charade exploded in their bunker with heavy casualties was in no small part down to the quiet and considered part played by Keeping Stock among a very few.

Well done that soldier, enjoy whatever the future holds and for my part that will be having another three years of stable government largely free from the excesses that could have come from the Hydra.

Cheers and grateful  personal thanks, Murray.

Cunliffe's finally on the money....

Cunliffe is correct

Anyone with half a brain can see that Laboured are on a one way trip to irrelevance...

The reality is that this result could be as good as it ever gets for them.

They have now joined the ranks of other centre and  left minor parties all scraping for a slice of the pie.

Its not actually all Cunliffe's fault.... Clark set them up to fail.

(As an aside will Kim Dotcom  be known as Kim Sitcom...now he's turned out to be a comedy of errors)

The missing million

What happened to the "missing million" Labour and the GIMPs were meant to enrol and turn out?

They turned out alright.  But the problem is they weren't missing at all.  They all voted for National.

Results Counted:7,198 of 7,198 (100.0%)
Total Votes Counted:2,112,522
Special Votes:254,630
Less than 6 votes taken in Voting Places:1,385
National Party1,010,46448.06412061

This was a  FPP result.  The dope party got more party votes than United Future.  The minor parties were hammered, including the Greens who polled poorly and who found out that rhetoric doesn't equal substance.

This was an election of the old, grumpy conservatives.

For parties like Act to grow from here they need charismatic, statesmanlike leaders who shine on TV - much like Winston does.  For all Act's good ideas and policies, MMP elections are all about the leaders because of party lists and the party vote.  Colin Craig did very well in this area this time.

I made mention many times starting about 9 months ago how the Conservatives would not make it and how Act would easily win Epsom.  I was right on both counts.  The 5% threshold is very hard to crack - it won't be any easier next time for Colin.

Last night I tweeted at 7:30 pm that Kelvin Davis would win TTT based on what I was seeing with the results.  Then about 9pm the commentators started to call it.  That just shows what amateurs the TV stations had on their shows - I mean, Toni Street.  Puhleeez.

And that brings me back to the "missing million".  It has been found, actually.  And it is located as not one million, but rather about $5.5 million described on the expense returns of Kim Dotcom and Colin Craig in their attempts to buy power.

Finally, the big winner last night was Curia Research.  It probably picked up another 10 clients on the back of Key's endorsement in his acceptance speech!

Bake off

A pancake has never won a cake competition.
Cunliffe has made it very clear that he will chain himself to the railings and swallow the key.
I sincerely hope they cannot find a locksmith
Without dirty politics we would have seen no list MP's for the party workers party.

A Rogue's Gallery With No Shame.

Number one loser has to be Herr Schmitz, possibly 5 million for nothing, another 5 million offered as a bribe to find nonexistent crap to make his Moment of Truth viable. I hope whoever created "The Email" got paid more than the minimum although it was pretty minimal really

Further foreigners trying to corrupt our Democratic institutions, Assange, Snowdon, Greenwald and Amsterdam coming in second losers can just head back to their stinking hovels and vegetate.
Add in our homegrown albeit equally compromised Harre, Corkery, Sykes, Minto and Harawira all seduced by a pile of dubious dosh with the departed Sue Bradford a beacon of probity who alone among them could see the looming disaster.

Third place goes to a totally castrated and inept Media who apart from epiphiniac  moments from a few, plus  a rather more focused effort from Leighton Smith, Shawn Plunket,  Hosking with moments from Larry Williams were in the main, the pits.

Fairfax and The Herald were possibly the biggest disappointment. They fastened onto Hagar's Saga and then the promise of the Dot Bomb scheduled for the 15th and totally denied oxygen to policy and promotion of all the candidates for the entire campaign period. Led by  Fisher, Vance, in the van of a cavalcade of mediocrity
State TV and Government sponsored via favorable credit terms TV3, were in a word woeful and a total let down for any remnants of democratic process. Corrin Dann, John Campbell, Bazza until the warts were the only things visible, Paddy Gower, Lisa Owen, Katie Bradford, prostituted
The subservient efforts to promote the charade that Schmitz wasted his illgotten gains on in a vain attempt to Buy NZInc. among so many of the trained and skilled, was nauseating.

Rachel Smally's efforts at dawn incensed me to a point of protest to her sponsors KPMG over her anti semetic tirades targeting Netenyahu trying to suppress the swarms of rockets.
I must not have been alone, as the rubbish seemed to end.
A totally discredited Journalist  with the rest of her attempt to replace news and investigation with her opinions, as if they had value.
Newstalk ZB news efforts were so biased and pathetically aimed as to be a waste of oxygen.

Hopefully The sartorially splendid dwarf of St Mary's Bay will do his Brigadoon thing and slide back into irrelevance for 30 months, or hopefully for all time.
Hadfield will regroup and his disfunctional Whanau will make their next play at Waitangi next February.
Cunliffe will have the batten dragged from his cold dead fingers,   probably by David Shearer who will have the monumental task of trying to build a credible NZLP from the ashes.

Bryan Bruce could work on a documentary on the conflagration that has enveloped the  Clark and Cullen legacy where Nash, Davis, O'Connor and Clarke might wrest the decaying rump from Kelly Little and Co.
McCarten can slide back into his Primeval Swamp with Bradbury and the other anachronistic irrelevancies from last century.
Nigel Latta can revert to investigating and portraying the real NZ. a talent very evident but his efforts to be the focus of State TV in  making a play, under funding from NZ on Air to create political capital, just more seeds strewn on barren ground.
Norman and Turei can revert to the Lobby group the Party they hijacked always were.

Bestest of all  the Fat Fuck from Coatsville can move to Leavenworth where his connectivity will be more man to man, sort of personal if you like.

The greatest news from an extraordinary night was the resilience, probity and common sense of the entire electorate producing that result in the face of the most chaotic and manipulated campaign in my 18 General Elections.
Dirty Politics, yes aplenty but absolutely nothing new just a whole lot more visible and selectively promoted as being all about one side.
To those who still think it was all about Slater, Ede and Co, total bollocks The Standard and The Daily Blog were in it up to their navels, just nobody said so.

Player of the week Tony Abbott whose intervention with the Terror threat made the incoherent ramblings of Dot Crim's masterstroke drown quietly in the murky waters.
Player of the Day John Key for winning the trophy.


Incredible night.    Much will be said over the next few days.   For what it is worth ........

The Winners

New Zealand
John Key
New Zealand
Young Nationals (the 5,000 who worked their butts off)
Kelvin Davis (the cheering at our Election HQ was deafening)
Pollster David Farrar

The Losers

Cunliffe (who took his Party from 33% to 25%)
Greens  (terrible result and almost pipped by Winston First)
Hone Harawira (who sold his Mana for 30 pieces of silver)
Conservatives (some good people conned)
Christine Rankin (absolutely bombed in Epsom)
Holden (Nasty people like you helped the 'Left' loose the election)
Angry Tory (read your post s l o w l y and go figure)   

nuff said