Saturday, August 9, 2014

Yazidis, Who Cares They Aint Fakistanians.

Has the screaming skull and his rentamob organised a march down Queen St  to protest the treatment being dished out to the ancient peoples of the Yazidi Sect at present being massacred in their thousands by the Caliphate creators of Syria, and Iraq  called ISIS or ISOL.

An estimated 4000 refugees fleeing the murderous Islamist hordes are now trapped on the slopes of Mt Sinjar with little food and water.
The future? a bit bleak really, stay and die of starvation and dehydration or descend to where such basic staples might be accessed and have their head removed by followers of the Religion of Peace.
The self same ones who use a book written nearly 1400 years ago recording the ramblings of a chap who had strange values around women, young girls, their subjugation and use for sexual gratification, along with other basic rules around human interaction unchanged for that whole period.

The Yazidis have a culture and belief system all their own that is neither Christian or Islamic but it sure dont fit with the aims and ambitions of the marauding bunch with serious weapons and transport intent on reislamisation of their latest Caliphate, so sadly they must be slaughtered.

Basically Kurdish but including many Arabs they just did not fit the aims over centuries of grief from the evolving states of Turkey,  Syria, Iran (Persia) and Iraq.
Now they face extermination from this latest scourge, and apparently very few with the means to do anything about it give the ethnic cleansing any attention.

Whereas a bunch of political pawns that think, no make that,  know,  Israel has no right to exist get all the sympathetic treatment from an dumbarse media.
It is left to the bumbling Irish Afro American, O'Bama to make yet another catastrophic and meaningless display with his toys.


Edward the Confessor said...

Israel makes out it's a modern western style democracy, with an claimed respect for human rights. It's in receipt of billions of dollars of US aid that it uses buy arms to murder children. ISIS are a bunch of uppity terrorists George Bush and Dick Cheney mobilised and who are about to be taught a lesson. See the difference, dopey?

Psycho Milt said...

...a bunch of political pawns that think, no make that, know, Israel has no right to exist...

Rich, coming from someone who thinks Palestine has no right to exist. This "only anti-semites would have a problem with Israel using heavy weapons on civilians" schtick would play a lot better if you didn't keep referring to Arabs as 'towelheads' and 'Fakestinians.'