Friday, August 22, 2014

Why didn't they stop the Nonsense at Moa.

I have a very strong familial and emotional link to the establishment and subsequent expansion of the "Iron Roads"  that along with coastal shipping were so essential to the growth of our country from European Settlement until the mid twentieth century.

There was no alternative.

To move livestock to Slaughter, meat to ships, coal to Industry, wool from woolshed to sale center then on to ports and in more limited ways the transport of people around the growing nation a rail network was the only viable land based infrastructure.

During the later decades of the 19th and the initial three decades of the 20th centuries, Most roads were but mud tracks with shingle/metal only applied to parts that were vulnerable to seepage , flowing water and in times of heavier use to overcome mud.
For what was then heavy transport often the season dictated passage.

As the rail network was being completed with the terrain challenged coastal part of the SI main Trunk from the Conway to the Ure rivers opening in 1945 many branch lines, had been, were being closed or facing such termination.

When the Governement sold NZR and got the hell out of Dodge it was possibly the most necessary and foresight enhanced decision of all the early asset sales and selling Coalcorp when Key came to office would have been equally beneficial to the NZ economy.
Cullen purchasing all the unprofitable arms  back from Toll was a moment of complete commercial ignorance.
Now another stupid statist socialist wants to add to the pile of stupidity by "investing in Hillside Workshops"  as a save the reds in Dunedin move.
There might be a vote or two in his brainfart but I sense too many have tumbled such inane stupidity and it will have minimal influence.

Ele at homepaddock posts an excellent piece on this and points out most if not all who wish to work have found places elsewhere and often in enterprises that occupy the site that will have to be vacated if Cunliffe adds his wet dream to Cullen's.

Just another little topup to be added to the 28 Billion and counting!!!

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