Saturday, August 2, 2014

There Might Be Something I Am Missing.

Increasing evidence is promoting the impossible.
Mr c is, will or has done a deal with the TTT Thug, and increasingly favoring "has" as the most likely.

A couple of my colleagues here at No Minister who travel the byways of the Harawira Clans power base are reporting a dearth of signage for the NZLP TTT candidate the widely acclaimed Kel Davis.

Now why would that be significant?
Well unless the IMPs can score a combined 5% by Sept 20th and before the predicted  and already announced divorce  proceedings commence a few weeks later they need the dope Clan to win the electorate seat.
The biggest threat to that is one Kel Davis who came within around a thousand votes of that outcome last time.

Further hints of a deal came from Annette Sykes who is trying to tip out Te Ururoa Flavell in Waiariki, as a second option, whining if she could have a deal also.

Of course Mr c denies any "deals" have been done but that might be flexible around timing, he didnt mention any time frames.  I am wondering if his claim could have omitted a fact say"not since the ink dried on the contract to hold off with Kel in TTT."
More likely it is another chapter in the "oral history" of TTT.

It is not as if lying is unknown in NZLP leadership circles when ends and means are in play.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and feeds on the bottom it is most likely a duck.

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