Monday, August 11, 2014


The farce or absurdity (your call) of that bastard electoral system called MMP is no better demonstrated than by the poll conducted by TV1 on voter intentions in the Epsom electorate.   

If we take where the respondents intend placing their Party vote as indicating their true political allegiance and compare that with the results for the electorate vote we find that 37% of Labour supporters and 38% of Green supporters intend voting for National's Paul Goldsmith.

Yes, the reverse is true with National supporters voting tactically for David Seymour but at least he is on the same side of the political fence.   But that still doesn't make it right.   MMP is fundamentally flawed .... end of story. 

Problem is that there is no great appetite for change with people wedded to the mantra that it's perfectly reasonable for the tail to be wagging the dog/mutt in order that the disaffected minority can exercise power well beyond their station.   You need to look no further than Hone and krimdotcon to know I'm right..


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