Sunday, August 24, 2014

Thats Just The Media Person!

The SKASFETUS ( Save Kim Aka Schmitz From Extradition To United States) Party of conveniences  launched their diversionary tactic today, the main man arrived , avoided reporters , made his speech from the throne and avoiding serious questions then departed in another vehicle.
Now the speech included references to his conviction in Germany for "hacking".
So in the interests of clarification that gave some legitimacy to questions around his possible involvement in the DDOS attack on Slater's computers, the subsequent hacking of the emails and the surfacing in Hagar's Saga and Blogsite whaledump with the concerted attacks on The Nats, Key Collins and others that has the authorities sitting on their hands.

It was left to the Media Manager to make his avoidance interference, function.

Who you ask, well none other than the voice, Pam Squawkery, bullying, screeching Banshee and with use of expletives she put the press in their place.

TvOne news deleted the expletive from her rant and it was completely unnecessary, some words are very obvious to even those with no abilities around lip reading.

"...You want to interview Kim, who said no interviews, about a 19-year-old story. You work in news you puffed up little sh*t," said Ms Corkery.

Pam Corkery. (Source: ONE News)

"Charming" I must say

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