Sunday, August 10, 2014

Thanks Colin , that is very timely.

Nah not the dodgy user of the label "Conservative", I am thanking veteran scribbler and darling of the left for his warning on the potentially close election outcome on September 20th.

Colin James has done some poll of polls analysis and calls a possible Hydra win if National slips 4% in the polls.

I am a believer in the 'Bugger the Polls'  school of politics and therefore a strong advocate for the only poll that matters.
However I see lots of potential for the chatterati and what passes for a journalist today being so absorbed in reading the entrails of chickens and am intelligent enough to see the truth behind James' claims.
Just recall what a f&*ked up photo op around a smoko break did to revive Lazarus or was that Luigi, three years ago.

Anyway thanks Colin J for the wakeup call to Nat supporters who might be inclined to do something stupid with their Ballot Papers, indulgent and pathetic wont do it.

Disclaimer! I am an advocate for banning publication of polls in the last two weeks of an election campaign, and that from one who in almost all situations opposes bans.

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