Monday, August 18, 2014

Semi final

Dotcom to serve.

15/0 – a nice serve by Dotcom, he aced Slater all ends up and Slater never saw it coming.

15/15 – Slater returns the serve of Dotcom with vengeance, using Tempero as his playing partner.

15/30 – Slater on fire here.  He is obviously hacked off as he discovers more of it going on.

30/30 – Dotcom fends off the attack from Slater by using Hager in his defence who says Dotcom wasn’t the source. 

I think deuce is looking very likely in the first set.

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David said...

We are really missing a forum where those responsibkle for editorial decisions/policy are required to explain their positions. Possibly it is because we are so small that most TV people also need to get some employment from print media and vice versa. The result being that in such a closed shop no-one wants to piss off a potential source of revenue.
WRT the recent breathless outrage, even if Slater was to release a bunch of emails that completely cleared him or which compromised the "wrong" people the MSM could shut it down and 95% of the population would never know it had happened, such is the power of the traditional media in NZ to control the information flow.