Monday, August 18, 2014

Robin Hood, Nah More Dick Turpin.

Take from the rich and give to the poor has a nice ring to it except for those deemed rich.

Robin Russel and Maid Meteria have even included themselves as Politicians in the "rich".

So lets have a gander at that for starters Paul Plumber works his but off, pays heaps of GST on his spend and has zero ability to get ahead as he pays for his kids, his tools, his vehicle, his house and might get a couple of weeks off at Xmas and loses income while someone else does his work.
Robin Russel and Maid Met have a plethora of assistance via Parliamentary services, get all research and administration funded by PS, enjoy unlimited taxpayer funded travel for themselves and their families, and have extended holidays and time off with nobody competing for their ability to earn.
Tell me again who are the fortunate and favored rich there.

"The Poor", well they are a mysterious bunch who supposedly earn, maybe that should be acquire, less than 60% of the statistically delivered mean income.  No assessment as to where they live,  what they spend their "income" on or any of the myriad of choices they make daily whether beneficial or degrading or even where and how the largess appears.

The "Rich" estimated at "only 3%" of us to be gouged for that extra "Billion".
Gee they will just stand there and hand their money over to 'Robin' and his 'Plump Chick'.
 I don't think so, they will employ lawyers, bean counters and every legal manipulation at their disposal to avoid such state sanctioned theft.
If that is not true why don't Gareth Morgan and many other of the seriously wealthy who at various times, spend time hand wringing about the rank injustice of it all, just hand stacks and stacks of their dosh to the Government, because it is the right thing to do?

The original Hood was a legend, not in the modern sense but in the oral history fairytale style.
He was an "outlaw" intent on evading the authority of a Sheriff and his political master a Prince acting in the absence of the Monarch away giving the bash to the original Towel heads intent on slaughtering Richards religious leaders in the Middle East and occupying their territory.
Yep that is certainly nothing new.

That now widely acclaimed hero wearing a 'lime green hoodie', stole money from travelers, Tax collectors and the government and after taking care of the immediate needs of himself and his "Merry bunch" who incidentally had a "fat bastard" hovering on the margins,  then distributing any surplus remaining over to a few lucky people in the right place at the right time.

Dick Turpin on the other hand was also an outlaw who made his way just stealing from the wealthy for his own needs and it is common knowledge how that turned out, he passed with a sore throat related medical condition. Wasn't there a Black Bess involved there.

The Melons add another legend to the already many and varied around an outlaw who lived rough
largely as a lifestyle choice while contributing nothing to the advancement of the people.

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