Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Public Service Announcement

Most right-wingers are contemptuous of the very concept of 'rape culture,' in fact there was no shortage of them peddling 'uncovered meat' fallacies in the wake of the Roastbusters scandal.  So, in a perverse way I'm almost grateful to the repulsive cretins of @Peace for providing us with a teachable 'rape culture' moment that right-wingers won't immediately dismiss out-of-hand.

Their song "Kill the PM" includes the following, addressed to that PM, one John Key, and his daughter, Stephanie Key:

One of these days I'm gonna fuck your daughter
This poor boy gonna make his seed
All the way up in your girl
Hello, Miss Key

For the Pete Georges of this world, what's offensive about the above lyric is that it's very rude to the PM and his daughter, talking about having sex with her - how dare they?  But that's just twats berating twats - what's actually, genuinely offensive about the above lyric is it's a powerful expression of rape culture.

If you're thinking he didn't say he was going to rape her, you're missing the point.  Here's the rape culture involved:

1. The most obviously rapey bit is that whatever interest or distinct lack of interest Stephanie Key might have in letting this ambulatory excrement within touching distance of her apparently isn't relevant from his point of view.

2.  The less obvious, but far worse, rapey bit is the matter of why this turd-on-legs wants to fuck Stephanie Key - not because of her appearance, her personality or any of the other, mundane, trivial reasons two people might fuck.  No, the reason he wants to fuck her is he thinks squirting semen in her would be a suitable gesture of contempt for her father.  That's rape culture right there, folks. Attitudes to sex and to women don't get much more poisonous than this - quite an achievement for a self-proclaimed Green voter...

UPDATE:  realised I've unfairly maligned Pete George in this post - from the look of recent Kiwiblog threads, he actually gets what rape culture is.  Apologies, Pete.


Nick K said...

You're too good Milt. Well said and done.

Ross said...

Thank you for this post - someone had to say it.

Somehow this garbage is presented as art and an artist.

Which is the sign of a very sick culture as you rightly point out.


Anonymous said...

And according to One News last night we have paid these "artists" $30,000!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Excellent commentary Milt. Their mothers must have been on P during pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

I must add my voice to the acclaim - well written.


Snow Angel said...

It's apparent that for the dopey right a rape culture exists when it's politically convenient, otherwise meh. Right fellas? Way to miss Milt's point.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Snow Angel, It's about nuance. Rape culture exists as this post shows. But when rape culture encompasses any unwanted sexual advances questions are justified.

Simon said...

Most left-wingers are contemptuous of the very concept of the threat of violence that underpins a lot of left wing theory and practice.

So, in a perverse way I'm almost grateful to the repulsive cretins of @Peace for providing us with a teachable 'left wing inherent violence' moment that left-wingers won't immediately dismiss out-of-hand.

Trev's Friend Bruce said...

Has Jan Logie from the Greens had anything to say about this yet? It's an especially relevant question, because the writer of the lyrics has publicly identified himself as a Green voter.

ZenTiger said...

Good post Milt.

Seems like Back with a Vengence and Tom don't quite get rape culture.

With quotes like: "Sure, he says he wants to fuck her, but i infer from the offending line that it would be in more of a consensual nature, irrespective of motive."

and: "There is nothing in that line that states rape, directly or implicitly…IMHO"

It almost sounds like they want a red hot poker stuck up their disrespective arses.

But let me make this clear - this is not a threat. It would be entirely consensual. They'd be begging for it.

ZenTiger said...

Context: Tom and BWAV

Psycho Milt said...

It's funny how many of these supposed leftist guys are 1950s-era 'male chauvinist pigs' when you get a look beneath the public front.