Thursday, August 21, 2014


In a display of major hypocrisy Phil Goff seems to be pre-empting the SIS inquiry and is loudly calling for John Key to resign. This of course is the same Phil Goff who, as I understand it, leaked the Don Brash `Gone By Lunchtime' comment to the media some years ago. Goff has been almost completely anonymous since resigning the Labour leadership but now he appears to be making a resurgence. Is he planning to throw his hat in the ring to replace the unlikeable and unelectable David Cunliffe after the election? If he is he should pick his fights better because he is flogging a dead horse here and will also be if he takes on the Union dominated Labour leadership election process.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And the same Phil Goff who conveniently 'forgot' he'd been briefed about the Yid passport forgers.

The man tells more lies than Obama.

Anonymous said...

the whole story was about Goff lying about being briefed.

pdm said...

Lets have a nom de plume please on future comments anon.

Pete George said...

That's Phil "The Bucket" Goff?

Gone by Lunchtime, MFAT, Richard Worth, soldier death.

John Campbell asked him if he ever did dirty politics.

Angry Tory said...

Pretty damn clear from that interview on Campbell live that he's already running for Labour Leader after the election.