Monday, August 11, 2014

One That Got Away!

Why the fuss, it is probably a total mystery to anyone younger than  55/60 but to one with more than a passing interest in politics and world events, the arrest and trial of William Ball Sutch,  at the time considered a preeminent New Zealander, it was a significant heads up.

This "Bearded Clam",  I am being very polite here, had occupied center stage of Governments from Gordon Coats, through the first Labour governments led by Savage and Frazer, National under Holland, Labour under Nash then the Years of National again under Holyoake and then Marshall.
Throughout a public service career around Trade, industry and finance he was  a serious person of note, very influential is appropriate.

"Arrested for Spying for The USSR".
After the many "Cold War" treacheries of McLean, Burgess, Philby, and then names such as Kroger, Lonsdale, Blake, The inexplicable disappearance of Lionel "Buster" Crabb from the vicinity of a Soviet Cruise Liner at Portsmouth as accommodation for soviet leaders holding talks with HMG in London, this elevated Little old New Zealand to the majors, our very own soviet spy.

His acquittal after a five day trial was the stuff of legend and his death within a year left many questions. Socialist leader Rowling lauded his passing as one of the true New Zealand patriots and public servants.

Papers released by Cambridge University though not naming Sutch, his birth and achievements  educational and service leave little if any doubt he worked for the Soviets after all.
The douchebag traitor went by the code name "Maori", gee little imagination there eh.

Really reassuring how so many bastards after ingratiating themselves into positions of power and influence then betrayed all those who gave them their exalted place in our hierarchy by shitting on them from a great height.

Naive, a great cover,
Highly intelligent, certainly,
Value to the Soviets well I can't think why they persevered with him for 25 years,
A patriot, again why the devoted regard for Stalin and communism long after nearly everyone else moved to accept the paranoia driven butchery trumped anything by way of progress for Russia.

If the contact with Rozgoverov was innocent why not a dinner somewhere more overt and salubrious than the stinking toilets in Te Aro Valley. After all he was supposed to be one of the bright ones!!!
Blunt did better, he kept a job as comptroller of her Majesty's Pictures for a lot longer.

Still bloody traitors though, all of them.

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