Friday, August 8, 2014

Oh For The Good Old Days.

When a foreigner could whip a mob of mindless ignorant sheep to a frenzy of mass hysteria with  political manipulation.

When the topic of conversation at breakfast each morning could revolve around who is leading the government today, as in Italy c1950 and now maybe NZ c2015

When the leader of the government could break the law with impunity and when apparently caught out and facing legal challenge just legislate such danger away.

When an alcohol fueled Prime Minister could play poker on TV by calling an election everyone else knew he would lose.

When voters could consign a totally incompetent aspiring politician to electoral oblivion.

When the mad were in secure safe facilities and off the streets.

When the perpetrator of a crime was convicted and sentenced with no regard to who they were or how great their fall from grace.

When a Freemason never reached discharge without conviction stage but was never arrested, never charged or topped themselves  when the game was up.

When a beat Bobby could give a miscreant a swift smack and often steer them away from stupidly destroying their future.

When a man could go on safari and shoot game and come home with celebratory pictures.

When the bad, the mad and the sad were in Paparoa Prison, Sunnyside Mental Asylum or Templeton Farm and precluded from sitting in the Parliament.

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