Monday, August 25, 2014

Meanderings (Updated)

Will the Electoral Commission launch an inquiry into the machinations of DotKrim and all his hangers on?

Will the DotKrim menagerie turn into the biggest legal and financial debacle in NZ's history when authorities seek to recover all his ill gotten gains??

Will DotKrim's extradition hearing be presided over by Judge Phillipa Cunningham?  Does he make her laugh?

Will Tame Iti make a good politician?   Recall how Tariana Turia was vilified by the right early in the piece.  She turned out to be a extremely competent politician, showing more common sense and moral rectitude than many of her detractors.

Is a modest electoral bribe by National in the form of its housing policy better for NZ than a change of government?

Are the fools over at Kiwiblog who refer to Tama Iti the same fools who talk about John Keys?

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