Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Kelvin Davis and Tariana Turia

Kelvin Davis is the sort of candidate my parents and grand parents would have voted for, and if the Labour party had a few more like him and a few less who served their apprenticeship via the Helen Clark and H2 incubator programme I would probably vote for him too.
He has been completely rat fucked by the self serving twats who currently own the Labour brand. Given an unwinnable list position and now hobbled in his electorate fight against the Harawira crime family and the German criminal.
He has now gone public on his plight and is calling for donations to help him take the fight to the wreckers, crooks and loons that are trying to help Kim Dotcom avoid his day in court.
Despite the hysterical shrieking from Cunliffe about coat tailing it is now clear that they have done a deal.
If you think that one of the last real Labour people needs a fair crack read his statement from his facebook page and donate'

"I was on 3 News tonight because my campaign team had a look at a proposed website designed to take down Kim Dotcom and stop him from buying the seat of Te Tai Tokerau with his $3million dollars.
We explored this concept, debated it, then along with the Labour Party hierarchy decided it wasn't in line with our Vote Positive messages and ditched it.
It was all about Kim Dotcom.
This is the same Kim Dotcom who donated $50,000 to far-right wing disgraced politician John Banks.
This is the same Kim Dotcom who said the police turning up at his front door was as bad as the suffering Maori have endured for close to two centuries.
This is the same Kim Dotcom had nothing to do with Maori until he found a way to take advantage of some to try to keep himself out of an American jail.
This is the same Kim Dotcom who's garage is bigger and flasher than 99% of homes in Te Tai Tokerau, and still cries 'poor me'.
This is the same Kim Dotcom, who if he really cared about the people of Te Tai Tokerau, would have got out with all the Labour volunteers after the floods and storms and distributed food packages to those who needed them instead of staying tucked up in the mansion.
This is the same Kim Dotcom who turned up to hui up north in a limousine while kaumatua and kuia rode in a rattly bus.
This is the same Kim Dotcom whose interference in Te Tai Tokerau politics was described as a disgrace to over 300 people at the Ngati Hine hearings in Pipiwai yesterday.
I make no apologies about looking at a website that asked the public to donate $5, $10 or whatever they wish to koha, to bring down a fake.
I'm just an ordinary Maori living up north trying to stop the biggest con in New Zealand's political history from being pulled against my whanau, my hapu, my iwi.
I make no apologies if there's another Maori politician in the north feeling pretty sensitive about all the criticism he's copping from hapu throughout Te Tai Tokerau because of the con job.
I'm prepared to cop the criticism from him because it's just the price a person pays when he stands up for his people and his principles."
His campaign fundraising account details;
Account name: NZLP TTT Campaign Acc.
If any of you are on facebook go and have a look at the feral scum comments attacking him. many of them are well known labour idiots.
Tariana Turia.
It is a crying shame that she is not 20 years younger, a real loss to the country, Maori and parliament.
Have a listen to her interview with Duncan Garner last week and pay particular attention to her comments about Harawira who has been bought lock stock and barrel by Kim Dotcom and her comments about the difference between Labour and National.

I gave the Maori party my party vote in 08. After two decades of listening to white and Maori moan like bitches about how the other side is fucking them I thought it might be nice to give them a go inside the tent. And then the greedy Harawira scumbag went and fucked them. Losing Sharples and Turia is a tragedy for all of us.


The Veteran said...

Brilliant post BB. KD has been well and truly hung out to dry by his Party who have done the sums and determined the only pathway that offers them a slim chance of victory is to do a deal with Krim.con and Hone.

Labour has sold its soul to a kraut criminal and a hard line racist who sees all Pakeha as white mudderf******s.

My Dad who tramped the streets of Hawera for Labour would turn in his grave in seeing the party he supported revealed as political prostitutes of the worst kind.

My spies tell me that as of yesterday KD had just one sign up in TTT ... in Whangarei.

Certainly nothing in the Bay of Islands. The Labour candidate for Northland won't even do shared hordings with Kevin who has been left well and truly up the creek without a paddle ... and lets not even discuss his lowly List Ranking position.

Barnsley Bill said...

There is one sign at the bottom of the hill leading upto Kamo from town. I am looking, no other signs anywhere

The Veteran said...

BB ... that's the one I referred to.

Barnsley Bill said...

I nearly ran up the arse of a bus when I saw it on Friday, such was my shock at seeing one.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well, you could always deposit a few grand in a lawyer's trust account and instruct Mr Davis to ask said lawyer to pay for a forest of signs and a barrage of local TV advertising.

That way, Cunliffe won't get his hands on the dough.

You might even find a suitable lawyer writes on these pages from time to time.

Psycho Milt said...

Kim Dotcom isn't standing for Te Tai Tokerau, so it's hardly surprising he hasn't bothered much about appealing to the local voters.

And Turia is a partisan for her own ethnic group - I don't find that any more appealing from Maori than I do from Whitey.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

"Kim Dotcom isn't standing for Te Tai Tokerau,....."

He doesn't need to. He bought the candidate.

Barnsley Bill said...

Kim Dotcom is attempting to buy a get out of jail free card. We are a banana republic